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Pinoys’ most Googled phrase: “Halalan 2022”

by Leila Salaverria

WHAT did you Google the most this year?

It turns out that those in the Philippines were most interested in searching for information about the May 2022 elections.

Google’s “Year in Search” showed that “Halalan 2022” was the overall top trending search term in the Philippines this year.

Filipinos went to the polls in May for the national and local elections, and chose their new President who will serve them for the next six years. 

Here are the rest of top trending search terms in the country: 

2) VaxCertPH– This refers to the certificate that Filipinos have to get to present as proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. This document can be used for travel.

3) precinct finder– This refers to the portal where people could check where they are supposed to cast their vote.

4) Wordle– This is a hit online game that has players figuring out a five-letter word in six or fewer guesses. It came out in May and took the world by storm.

5) All of Us Are Dead– It is a South Korean zombie apocalypse series that mostly takes place in a high school.

6) Warriors vs Celtics– The Golden State Warriors faced off against the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA finals.

7) Ukraine– Russia invaded this country in February, an incident that drew worldwide concern and condemnation, and also sent global oil prices soaring. 

8) Encanto– This is a Disney movie about an extraordinary family who lives in the mountains of Colombia.

9) Axie Infinity– This is a blockchain-based “play to earn” game that later drew controversy after the price of its in-game currency went down drastically.  

10) Jeffrey Dahmer– He is an American serial killer who is also the subject of a hit Netlfix series.

Here are the top trending searches in the Philippines in the other categories: 


1) Halalan 2022

2) VaxCertPh

3) precinct finder

4) Ukraine

5) Monkeypox


7) Gwyneth Chua

8) presidential race update

9) Ethylene Oxide

10) Bagyong Karding update


1) Warriors vs Celtics

2) Warriors vs Mavericks

3) Heat vs Celtics

4) NBA standings 2022

5) Grizzlies vs Warriors

6) Golden State Warriors vs Boston

7) PBA schedule

8) NBA playoffs

9) NBA draft 2022

10) ​​Deanna Wong

Monkeypox was detected in the Philippines in July, the same month the World Health Organization declared the multi-country outbreak of the viral disease a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. 

NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a military alliance between 30 member states. 

Gwyneth Chua is the name of the woman who was charged for going out to party in Poblacion when she was supposed to be in quarantine in a Makati hotel. 

Ethylene Oxide was the chemical found in the Filipino noodle brand Lucky Me that prompted some European countries to issue an advisory for the recall of the product. The manufacturer of the noodle brand subsequently assured the public that its products are safe to consume. 

Bagyong Karding hit the country in September 2022 and was declared a supertyphoon due to its strength. 

Deanna Wong is a professional volleyball athlete. She plays for Choco Mucho Flying Titans.  

International trending searches

On the global front, the overall top trending search term was “Wordle.” Here is the full list: 

1) Wordle

2) India vs England

3) Ukraine

4) Queen Elizabeth

5) Ind vs SA

6) World Cup

7) India vs West Indies

8) iPhone 14

9) Jeffrey Dahmer

10) Indian Premier League

The Year in Search “looks back at the moments, people and trends that sparked our collective curiosity,” said Google.

The lists are based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year.



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