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Pinoys make fun of SIM registration struggles

by Athena Yap

PINOYS are naturally witty or good at creatively making humor out of anything.

Many telecom subscribers experienced glitches after trying to register their SIMs or subscriber identity modules on the first day of the implementation of the mandatory registration law on December 27. This is probably because of the volume of people attempting to access the registration portals. 

But Filipinos always have their ways to entertain themselves, and one of these is through turning their struggles into something funny. As such, they have likened SIM registration to passing the board board exam and created other memes as well. 

Among the many viral SIM registration memes is a post from the Facebook page “Kweens” that showed a creative and witty poster with a graduation photo and a message congratulating the individual for being a “Registered SIM CARD USER.” 

The post has almost 400 thousand reactions, mostly funny, and more than 30,000 comments and shares on Facebook.

But wait, there’s more!

Another Facebook post that is almost similar to the first one entertained a lot of social media users. It has reached over 20 thousand reactions, more than 500 comments and 10,000 shares.


Hold your bellies because there’s still more to come!

Netizens also included their Korean idols in their memes.

Others really took it to the next level and included six individuals in the congratulatory poster.

There is also a viral post with hugot alluding to the netizen’s crush. It asked if SIM registration could help them to communicate with each other.

Netizens did not fail to release another relatable meme that is definitely shareable by every stressed person.



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