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“Peach Fuzz” is Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year

by Gaby Agbulos

GUESS what? The Pantone Color Institute – more popularly known as Pantone – has finally announced the much-anticipated Color of the Year for 2024: Peach Fuzz.

According to Pantone’s executive director Leatrise Eiseman, this gentle peach tone “radiant with warmth and modern elegance” was chosen to represent human connection. It reminds people that they should take some time out of their day to show that they care not only about themselves but others as well.

It also resonates with compassion and serves as a reminder of everyone’s basic human needs and desires, especially given the hardships that humanity has had to experience this year.

For 2023, the Color of the Year was Viva Magenta, a bright-pink color that’s as bold as it is eye-catching.

In the year to come, be sure to incorporate Peach Fuzz, a velvety peach hue, in your wardrobe to ensure your spot as the trendsetter of the friend group. 

You can also incorporate it into your way of life by taking some time for yourself every now and then, taking a break when needed, and lending a hand to others when they need it, too.

Often serving as one of the most-anticipated events each year, brands are sure to release a number of items in this very color, as seen in the past with Pantone’s collaborations with the likes of Motorola, CARIUMA, Hydrow, and many more.

What does being Color of the Year mean? 

The concept of Pantone’s Color of the Year first started back in 1999. According to their website, this concept was created as a means of engaging both the design community and color enthusiasts all around the world in a conversation about color, highlighting connections between global culture and the language of color.

Thus, the announcement of the Color of the Year became a regular thing, growing in popularity as it helped to set trends in both the art and fashion industry. 

What makes this so credible, though? What exactly is the basis for choosing these colors?

In selecting the color of the year, Pantone’s team of color experts – with people from all over the globe – look for color influences in every aspect of life. Be it in the entertainment industry, art, lifestyles, fashion, technology, materials, effects, or textures, these experts scour the globe to ensure that the color chosen stays true to its name. 

“Anything and everything taking place in our culture during the year can influence our Pantone Color of the Year selections,” their website reads.

They also reassure people that there are no external influences such as commercial agendas or personal preferences; everything is decided by hours upon hours of research and discussions among those involved within the team.

More than this, Pantone notes that this is not a way to say that one color is better than the other. Since the start, their motto has always been that they love each and every one of their colors equally.



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