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November 11 is Singles’ Day! Kaya pa ba?

by Athena Yap

Here is a list of Filipino celebrities who are also single.

  1. Piolo Pascual
Photo credit: Piolo Pascual Instagram

When most people are asked “who is the most handsome guy?” they are most likely to answer, “Papa P!” or “PJ!”

Because, why not? 

  1. Alden Richards
Photo credit: Alden Richard Instagram

Are we really sure we want Alden taken? 

  1. James Reid
Photo credit: James Reid Instagram

Now that he’s officially on the market, who would be the lucky next? 

  1. David Licauco
Photo credit: David Licauco Instagram

Hot for chinito? David’s got you covered on this Singles’ day!

  1. Ken Chan
Photo credit: Ken Chan Instagram

Wanna be his Aubrey? Pila na!

  1. Chie Filomeno
Photo credit: Chie Filomeno Instagram

Did you say shawty? Maybe it’s Chie.

  1. Jane de Leon
Photo credit: Jane de Leon Instagram

Wanna experience a date in the heavens? Darna’s got you covered. 

  1. Barbie Imperial?
Photo credit: Barbie Imperial Instagram

This girl’s sure gonna fight for you. 

  1. Sanya Lopez
Photo credit: Sanya Lopez Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to have this girl for a date?

  1.  Carla Abellana
Photo credit: Carla Abellana Instagram

No questions. Carla is indeed the perfect date. 



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