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Need a break? Check out Cubao Expo this weekend

by Jericho Zafra

QUEZON City is considered one of Metro Manila’s prime business districts where most industries, if not all, thrive. However, it’s not always the hustle and bustle that makes Quezon City more interesting.

Aside from the busy and blaring streets of the city, there are gems that would soothe your exhaustion from the long week of working, and one of them is Cubao Expo.

Cubao Expo, formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo, is a popular destination for art galleries, restaurants, bars, and novelty shops among scholars, painters, visual artists, collectors, artists, and independent musicians and filmmakers. It can be found on General Romulo Street in Cubao.

So if you’re looking for a cool spot to chill in after your shift, here are some of the places you can visit:

Tacio’s Bistro

Photo Credit: Tacio’s Bistro

Tacio’s Bistro is known for affordable tapa dishes and other Filipino dishes tweaked with international influences. Tacio’s Bistro also serves alcoholic beverages, including wine, tequila, beers, and other drinks they make in front of you.

Fred’s Revolucion

Photo credit: Marahuyo and Fred’s Revolucion’s IG

Fred’s Revolucion has been a go-to tavern for young artists. It has a vintage Hispanic, artsy, and progressive ambiance and offers its patrons a variety of beverages and a mix of Filipino and European cuisine.

Habanero Kitchen Bar

Photo Credit: Habanero Kitchen Bar’s IG

The restaurant with the name of one of the spiciest peppers in existence, Habanero Kitchen Bar dabbles in Filipino cuisine that is presented in a unique and inventive method. 

Chef’s Garage

Photo Credit: Chef’s Garage’s Facebook page

Chef’s Garage is a “party chill” themed pub at Cubao Expo. Aside from alcoholic beverages, Chef’s Garage also offers burgers, food for sharing, and German sandwiches. It occasionally has disk jockeys to amplify the mood of the bar. 

Photo Credit: Jet MC Ideas and Concepts



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