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Nadine Lustre reacts after vlogger calls her ‘sabaw,’ ‘mahina ang utak’ 

by Izel Abanilla

Motivational speaker / vlogger Rendon Labador likened actress Nadine Lustre to volleyball star Deanna Wong and her team based on a statement she made that seemed justifying of celebrities’ “snubbish” behavior towards supporters. The actress, in a series of tweets, answered the former’s claims saying her interview was totally taken out of context.

Over the past week, a video of Choco Mucho Flying Titans volleyball team went viral after their supposed “snubbing” demeanor to fans in Boracay earned massive mixed reactions online. 

Because of this, Labrador slammed them for their supposed lack of “Good Manners and Right Conduct.” 

Lustre, who is supposedly totally out of the scene, got involved after Labador lifted a statement she made from a 50-minute interview on “Kwentong Barber,” a program on Myx Global. The interview was aired over a year ago. 

The quote she said seemed to be tolerative of celebrities’ unlikely behavior. 

“​​It’s not our responsibility to acknowledge everyone and to please everyone. Our responsibility is to give entertainment and that is not part of it,” she said. 

This statement elicited a stinging response from Labador who said “Mahina ang utak ni Nadine Lustre typical na ganda lang pero sabaw pala.” 

Lustre defended herself but said she isn’t too surprised at how the interview was “blown out of proportion.” 

She also threw back sarcasm by stressing that, “Nood muna kasi bago mag react. Walang namang issue, for the click bait nalang talaga eh,” she said. 

The 29-year-old actress also requested the public to watch the interview first to understand the entire picture. 

“This interview was last year and is NOT a response or comment to Deanna Wong,” she said. 

In the aforementioned viral video, Wong was seen to have declined fan requests for photo. 

Lustre also made a shout out to those who were “quick to judge + make a content about subject without knowing the full context first.” 

She also reposted a post slamming Labador for scathing comments to Lustre. 

Labrador meanwhile told Lustre to “stay humble” and explained that he only called out what was supposed to be corrected and that hurting anybody with his statement is never his baggage.

“Pinnupuna ko lang ang mga nakikita kong sa tingin kong dapat i-tama, kung masasaktan kayo ay problema na ninyo yan,” he said. 

Furthermore, his statement was just a “#SampalNgKatotohanan” for Lustre to improve her act. 

Images: Nadine Lustre via Nadine Lustre and Rendon Labador via Rendon Labador Facebook



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