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Model Maureen Wroblewitz reveals “healing from past trauma”

by Athena Yap

MODEL and beauty queen Maureen Wroblewitz revealed that she has been dealing with trauma as she shared some insights about her past relationship on Tiktok. 

Maureen first shared her thoughts in a video showing her lip-syncing and vibing along to Miley Cyrus’ new release “Flowers.”

The song is about loving oneself after a failed relationship, and is believed to be Miley’s response to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

Losing herself 

Maureen wrote in the caption that she “lost myself over the past few years and I’m finally realizing who I really am.”

“[I] am working on myself and healing from past trauma because I don’t want to make the same mistakes,” she added. 


i’ve never really spoken about my past relationship but this song really speaks to me. that’s the thing about being in a public relationship, no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. i have lost myself over the past few years and i’m finally realizing who i really am. i am working on myself and healing from past trauma because i don’t want to make the same mistakes. maybe one day i’ll be ready to speak about it because i know it could help a lot of people

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

She also said she may speak about her experiences one day as it could help a lot of people.

Although she did not name names, netizens assumed that the model was referring to her ex-boyfriend singer Juan Karlos Labajo.

No tea, no shade

In a follow up video that she posted on Sunday, January 22, Maureen shared a response to a commenter who asked her to spill the tea or reveal the story about why she could relate to Miley’s song. 

She said she had “no tea to spill” and didn’t want to blame just one person.

“The point of my video wasn’t to throw shade, but it was focusing on the things that I have learned from my relationship,” she said.

She realized that she did not like who she had become, she said.  

“In my past, I have sacrificed my beliefs and my values, and I did things that I didn’t like. I enabled behaviors that I didn’t like. I became someone who I dislike,” she said.

She noted that she was so focused on pleasing her partner to the point that she forgot about herself.

“I wasn’t assertive enough, I did not take accountability for what I want and I’m just learning that I was doing that for years,” she added.

Change for the better

The Gen Z model also reminded her viewers that everybody has toxic traits, but emphasized that it is important that people are aware of these and are willing to change for the better.

“A toxic trait only becomes a red flag if the person says things like ‘Take me as I am,’ and ‘This is just who I am,’” she said.

Netizens even got a stronger feel that Maureen was talking about JK when she said that she and her ex were both very young when they entered into the relationship. But she said she does not regret the years they spent together. 

She also said that her past experience taught her a lot of lessons about herself. 

“I have found out a lot of things about myself and things that I want for my next relationship,” she said.

She admits that she still cries up to now over “past trauma.” 

“But I am healing everyday and I am working on myself,” she added.

Netizens showered her comment section with well wishes and expressed admiration for her wisdom and strength.

Dating history 

The ex-couple were believed to have started dating in 2017.

In 2019, Labajo released his hit song “Buwan.” Maureen was featured in the music video and netizens speculated that they were already a couple when it was released. They also believe that the song was a gift for Maureen’s birthday.

In June 2022, Labajo posted on his Instagram a sweet farewell post revealing the end of their relationship.

Banner courtesy of Instagram: Juan Karlos Updates



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