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Millennial entrepreneur scales new heights in digital communication

by Leila Salaverria

A 25-year-old chief executive officer and millennial entrepreneur is putting his knowledge of the digital world to good use by bringing something innovative to the communication industry. 

Bran Reluao taps social media platforms and uses their influence and reach to take his clients’ branding and profiles to new heights, regardless of what field they come from.

Something fresh and new

These days, clients no longer rely solely on traditional modes of communication, such as press  releases and media pitches, to gain traction and attention. There is already a wide array of channels that people can use to generate an audience and to gain followers and support. 

This is where Reluao comes in. He produces a wide range of content for social media channels which appeals to the interests and behaviors of the millennials and Gen Zs, which are considered the largest consumer groups.

Through his social media content, he reaches billions online and creates connections with the younger generation.

This allows him to raise awareness, solve communication problems, and spur people to action. 

His brand 

Reluao does all of these through his companies BranReluao & Associates and AuthorityAsia Communications Inc. 

This millennial entrepreneur uses the latest trends and algorithms to expand his clients’ influence not just to the local audiences, but to global ones as well. 

He also relies on data to drive his plans and to determine their success. 

Successful campaigns

One of his success stories is a digital campaign that sought to boost the tourism industry in a South Luzon province.

He invited vloggers and influencers popular with millennials and Gen Zs to visit the place and to show the public what it has to offer. After this campaign, the province reported a 75 percent increase in tourist arrivals. 

It is now known as a “hotspot for island lovers and adventurous tourists.”

Relauo has also effectively deployed his strategies in the political sphere. 

He helped candidates to expand their online reach and to  win seats during the 2019 polls. For one client, he used Facebook Live to facilitate real-time communication between the candidate and his constituents. 


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Expanding to media

Reluao is not stopping at these digital strategies for clients.

He has also put his knowledge of the online world to good use by launching the news platform republicasia Media, which seeks to reach out to millennials and Gen Zs and to tell their stories.

He is working with a team of seasoned media practitioners as well as young, innovative staff to produce accurate articles that also appeal to the younger generations. 

As 25 years old, Reluao is a very young player in the communication industry. But he has big dreams and no plans of stopping until he achieves these. 

This millennial entrepreneur has the knowledge and the tools to scale new heights, after all. 



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