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McCoy de Leon denies cheating on Elisse Joson

by Athena Yap

FORMER Hashtag member McCoy de Leon finally confirmed his break-up with partner Elisse Joson with whom he has a child but denies the allegations of third parties.

Rumors surfaced online when Elisse posted a Christmas photo of her and daughter Felize without McCoy.

The rumors continued when netizens noticed when the actor was not around again in the pictures during the New Year’s eve.

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De Leon posted a story in his Instagram account saying there were no third parties involved in his breakup with his ex-partner Elisse.

“Wala po involve na ibang tao, ang pinaka rason kaya kami naghiwalay,” he said.

Following his first statement, the actor said that he just reached the point of giving up due to many problems in their relationship.

“Hindi ko po intensyon manakit ng tao o manloko,” he said.

He also apologized but did not state what he was saying sorry for.

“Sorry po pasensya na po sa inyong lahat,” he said.

Santiago, the girl being dragged into the issue, also posted a statement seemingly addressing the speculations that she was the third party in the McLisse breakup

“Instead of making assumptions about me and what I do, how about you just ask,” Santiago said.

Santiago also denied the accusations thrown at her.

“So quick to believe things about a person without knowing them or even simply having a conversation with them,” she said.

A number of netizens didn’t take the apology of the actor well. Why apologize if he did nothing wrong, they asked. They said McCoy should only apologize to his ex-partner and their baby daughter.

Before posting the apology, McCoy edited his last post with Felize, in which he penned a long emotional message for the baby.

The actor later deleted his long message and edited it again with a caption saying “Lagi mong tatandaan na mahal na mahal kita.”



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