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Mari Jasmine flexes baby bump, happy to marry non-showbiz bf 

by Izel Abanilla

ENGLISH-JAPANESE model Mari Jasmine is overflowing with happiness as double dose of blessings just came into her life.

Barely a day after her announcement of her marriage to non-showbiz boyfriend, businessman Michael Concepcion, she also shared the newest development in their upcoming baby. 

Who is Mari Jasmine?

Concepcion is the founder of eyewear boutique Ronnie & Joe.

Jasmine’s name first rang a bell in the public when she had a relationship with Kapamilya singer-actor Sam Milby. 

Baby bump

In an Instagram post, Jasmine uploaded a photo of her proudly flexing her growing baby bump.

Last week, she announced that she is expecting a child. Despite her weight gain, netizens were wowed because her pregnancy isn’t at all affecting her slim and toned physique. 

“Baby girl came out to play,” she said. 

Sydney wedding

In an earlier post, Jasmine surprised her followers with a photo of her wedding in Sydney, Australia.

Netizens showered the newlyweds with well wishes and among the celebrities who congratulated the couple were Anne Curtis, Nicole Anderson, Jericho Rosales, Moira dela Torre and Georgina Wilson. 

The happy bride quipped, “One of the craziest weeks of my life but happy to finally call you husband.” 

Advocates SOGIE bill

Following her wedding post, Jasmine poured her heart over the delicate topic of gender equality. She quipped that as she revels in overflowing happiness having married the love of her life, she feels sorry for those individuals in the Philippines who “are not able to celebrate love in the way we just have.” 

“Many are barred from having the same legal rights as we are now granted, many are still not treated like equals and human beings,” she said. 

Hence, she called out to the public to support the SOGIE (The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression Equality) bill. 

“Even if you feel that it does not affect you directly, please open your hearts and minds and keep fighting to push SOGIE equality to become a reality,” she said. 

Jasmine and Sam Milby 

Sam and Jasmine’s break-up created buzz when Jasmine announced that after her romance with the “Close to you” singer, she immediately jumped into a relationship with “Baka Bukas” director Samantha Lee, who is an open member of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Milby meanwhile said past interviews that he did not sense any sign that his ex preferred the same sex in any way. 

He however assured that there was no overlapping that happened with their relationship and Jasmine’s romance with Lee. 



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