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Mama was right: What do we do with our mother’s advice? Gen Z speaks

by Gaby Agbulos AND RepublicAsia

MOST people have probably heard the sayings, “Moms are always right,” or the infamous “Mother knows best,” and these often ring true.

A mother’s words can be many things at once; they can either make or break a child’s decision. Ultimately, they all impact one’s life. 

With this in mind, the question remains: How do children use their mother’s advice?

Jovynelle Rodriguez, 24, did not grow up in an affectionate household. Her relationship with her mother lacks the usual physical aspect of a mother-daughter dynamic, but they make up for it with words.

“My mom is always there to listen and give advice,” Jovynelle shared. 

Even though they live on different islands, with Jovy in the city and her mom in the province, their relationship remains strong. 

“Recently, I was not in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she admitted. A phone call and her mother’s advice were all she needed to start picking herself back up.

Jovynelle prides herself on her independence and prefers to work things out on her own. However, when necessary, her mother’s advice drives her to move forward in life. She particularly values her mother’s advice to “Do the things you want to do while you’re still young.”

This advice gave Jovynelle the courage and will to explore many things by herself. She became goal-driven and committed. “It feels different when you know your mom trusts you. I felt like I could do anything when I set my mind to it,” she said.

Jovynelle Rodriguez and Mom

Despite her independence, Jovynelle acknowledges that without her mother’s guidance, support, and love, she wouldn’t have achieved her current success, “She’s the reason I still have a lot of passion and dedication for all my milestones.”

Mariallie Mazon, 22, describes her relationship with her mother as akin to best friends or sisters, but they still maintain their boundaries.

“Almost all of my life choices rely greatly on my mom’s advice,” Mariallie said. She recalled a time when she was doubting her academic choices, and her mother guided her on how to approach the situation better.

Mariallie always follows her mother’s advice, even when she believes she can handle things on her own. “There are things, even the simplest ones, that only my mother can provide the answer I’m looking for,” she said.

Carmela Maurice, 21, an only child, shares a deep bond with her mother. Carmela often seeks her mother’s advice on anything, no matter how random or simple, “She gives me notes on how to cook, ever since I started trying to cook for myself,” she said. 

Despite being far from her mother, Carmela makes sure to keep in touch. “Most of the time we talk through phone calls about the most random things,” she shared.

Carmela notes that she shares the same personality as her mother, which is why she values her guidance. One of the most helpful pieces of advice she received was about being a student journalist.

With her mother’s advice, she was able to navigate her subjects and learn how to approach her interviewees.

Carmela sees her mother as an independent woman and believes she can grow up the same way. “That I, as a woman, am capable of doing things on my own,” she shared.

While her mother lets her make her own decisions in life, Carmela still holds her mother’s advice to heart. “I wouldn’t be at this point in my life if it wasn’t for her and her advice,” she said.

Camela Maurice and Mom

Nagging or helping?

In life, there may be times wherein one starts to find their mother’s advice annoying, particularly if said advice is unsolicited. 

This often happens in one’s teenage years, wherein people start to grow annoyed with their mothers because they feel as if their lives are being meddled with; as per writer and mother Marlene Kern, the diagram of people with mothers and people who get annoyed by their mothers all lay on one circle.

What many have a hard time admitting, though, is that a lot of the time is that deep down they know that their mom’s advice is right, regardless of whether or not it was asked for.

“It feels annoying, but if you reflect on it later on, you’ll realize, “Oh, she has a point,”” shared Mariallie Mazon.

As Jovynelle looks back at her high school years, she remembers a time wherein her mother would constantly tell her to focus on her studies instead of her love life. However, she was young and naive, which ultimately ended with her getting her heart broken. 

“It affected my academics at that time,” she shared.

“Siguro kung mas nag-focus ako sa studies noon, baka mas mataas yung ranking na nakuha ko, and mas naging proud sila sa’kin.” 

Mariallie Mazon and Mom

Mariallie shares similar experiences, wherein she regrets not listening to her mother when choosing her course in college. 

She’s always wanted to pursue Nursing, but was hesitant to do so considering how much it would cost, so she settled on English Language Studies instead, despite her mother’s advice to pursue Nursing. 

While she doesn’t regret it as much now given all that she’s experienced thanks to her course, there’s still a lingering “what if” always swirling in the back of her mind. 

Jovynelle explains that mothers will always know best because they’ve experienced everything in life – both youth and adult stages, they’ve gone through. While it’s true that you and your mom may not have the same experiences, and your mother’s advice stems from the things that she’s gone through, all of it comes from a place of wanting what’s best for you. 

She added: “We may know what we wwant to do, and be as responsible as we can, but their guidance [is there to] lighten whatever path we take.” 

With reports from Katelyn Julianne Miralles



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