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No one won P52.9M prize of Superlotto 6-49

by Malou Talosig-Bartolome

NO one won the P49.5 million jackpot prize for Ultra Lotto Wednesday night.

The winning combination is 01-56-47-07-55-29.

This will increase the pot for the next drawings of Ultra Lotto 6/58 on Friday. Let’s see if Friday the 13th will be the lucky day for a lotto bettor.

Super Lotto 6-49

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office said nobody got the winning combination for Superlotto 6/49 from last night’s draw, too.

The combination for Superlotto was 21-40-23-08-47-04.

The next Super Lotto 6/49 draw is tomorrow, Thursday.

Lotto 6-42

The winning numbers of Lotto 6/42 last night were in the lower range, i.e. 16-08-01-29-04-26.

One could have gotten it, jumbling numerals from birthdays of family members. But no. Again, no one was lucky enough to bet on it.

The jackpot prize could have been P20 million. The pot will surely be higher for tomorrow’s draw.

6D Lotto

The five-number combination for 6-D Lotto has higher chance of winning compared to Ultra Lotto and Super Lotto. But still no winner from the last night’s draw.

The winning combination is 3-4-5-9-0.

Feeling lucky? Read this first

Gentle reminder to those who are betting on lotto: there is high chance you will lose your money.

So if this money is all you’ve got, stop going to the lotto stations and save the money for your future self.

Official Lotto Results from PCSO

Ultra Lotto 6/5801-56-47-07-55-291/10/202349,500,000.000
Superlotto 6/4921-40-23-08-47-041/10/202352,921,136.400
Lotto 6/4216-08-01-29-04-261/10/202320,045,611.600
6D Lotto3-4-5-9-2-01/10/20232,181,742.660


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