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Looking for Mr. Right? Swipe right in QC

by Jericho Zafra

ARE you looking for your perfect match this Christmas? What about trying to “situationship” because you are scared of commitment? Maybe Quezon City can help you find that match. Situationship means you’re dating, but no commitment.

Just swipe right.

Online dating and geosocial networking app Tinder released in a “Year in Swipe” report that Quezon City is the most preferred city for single users in 2022.

This is followed by the cities of Cebu, Baguio, Davao, Dasmarinas, Taguig, San Pedro Laguna, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Olongapo, according to the dating app’s passport feature.

“People who look for single members there often look in these cities,” Tinder said.

Tinder’s passport feature allows single users to change their location and match with other members in another city or town.

But it comes with a price. You must subscribe to the app’s premium services to access the passport feature.

Now that you know where to swipe right, what’s next?

Why not go on a date, too?

Tinder said Filipino members’ popular dating places this year are National Museum, Fort Santiago, Robinsons Place Mall, San Agustin Museum, and Rizal Park.


Here’s the catch, while the purpose of Tinder is to match possible couples, Tinder revealed that young users this year prefer “situationship” rather than relationship.

The “situationship,” a casual but well-delineated connection, came to be in 2022. It was more than a hookup but not quite a traditional relationship.

Over one in 102 young singles polled by indicated they prefer situationships as a way to cultivate relationships with “less pressure,” Tinder said.

Members from the Philippines (53 percent), Singapore (50 percent), and Thailand (44 percent) in Southeast Asia likewise demonstrated that they were in the game for “casual dating.”

By Jericho Zafra



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