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LOOK: Celebrities who dared to go bare

by Izel Abanilla

Celebrities aren’t only unique for their beauty, fashion and fame, one exceptional thing about them too is their confidence to go lengths, to the point of going bare. 

Yes, some celebrities have dared to shed off the layers, all of it, no less, and show their most vulnerable confident bare selves. 

And so here are celebrities who championed the skin only fashion. 

  1. Ellen Adarna

This girl just doesn’t have the word limit in her vocabulary. 

She has never been the type to filter her mind, her personality, let alone her looks and beauty. More often than not, she is unapologetically herself who is brazen enough to show the world who she is and what she has, all of it. And she had on many occasions. 

She once went completely bare skinny-dipping, she once shot herself barely holding just a little mystery and she once went out to the woods free and happy. 

Image: Ellen Adarna via @mariaelenaadarna Instagram

2. Aubrey Miles

Another daring soul is sexy actress Aubrey Miles, who will take life at her whim while she can. 

By far, Miles probably has the most all-bared photos out in broad daylight with only her skin and confidence as her lethal fashion combo. 

Image: Aubrey Miles via @milesaubrey Instagram

Now 42, the actress proudly said “I have no shame and nothing to hide.”

“That’s why, I go for it! I try to live my life freely but with care. If that makes sense,” she said. 

Wine with this hot stuff, anyone? 

  1. Julia Barretto 

Young actress Julia Barretto sure isn’t taking adulthood conservatively. Ever since she shed her teeny bopper image, the 25-year-old actress has since been vocal about trying on things and accepting roles that would challenge her in every way. 

Proving this is her portrayal of the titular role of Candy in the movie “Expensive Candy” where she plays a sex worker. 

In an Instagram post, she finally shed off her layers and declared that “In this chapter in my life, I am FREE. Free to speak. Free to act. Free to feel. Free to love. Because this time, I am choosing ME.” 

Image: Julia Barretto via @juliabarretto Instagram

  1. Heart Evangelista 

Nope, she isn’t just about expensive bags and exquisite fashion. Evangelista too is about boldness, confidence and self-trust. 

Take it from her. 

Image: Heart Evangelista via @iamhearte Instagram

5. Ivana Alawi 

With her daring photos all over, it isn’t at all too surprising if Alawi would join the ranks of actresses braving to go bare. 

With an overwhelming over 9.3 million followers,  she serves them everything, sexy photos in bikini, sexy dresses, sexy casuals and, well, stunning photos with only her skin on. 

Image: Ivana Alawi via @ivanaalawi Instagram

6. Nadine Lustre

With fine acting chops, glowing morena skin and confidence in her own skin, Nadine Lustre too was among the daring Filipino celebrities who left almost nothing to the imagination. 

And her bare-it-all stance made her fans and critics all drool. 

Image: Nadine Lustre via @nadinelustre Instagram



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