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Artipolo: Where Pinoy art, Japanese, Korean food mix

by Athena Yap

Recently updated on November 29, 2022 12:53 pm

VISUAL arts and gastronomic delight in one place in an eccentric southeast Asian fusion only Rizal artists can offer.

Welcome to Daburu Ramen and K-Gogi (Korean BBQ Grill) in Cainta, Rizal where Artipolo paint and sculpt artists collaborate.

Rizal is known for its  fine roster of artists, among them National Artists Carlos “Botong” Francisco and Lucio San Pedro, along with  Jose Blanco and Nemesio Miranda, all from Angono,  and Rafael Pacheco, of Morong.

While there are a number of museums, galleries and restaurants offering visual arts, Daburi Ramen and K-Goji provided Rizal artworks with the modern vibes in an ever-changing globalized scene.

Together with the breathtaking view of nature in Rizal, you can appreciate art pieces from 75 Rizaleño artists who called themselves “Artipolo.”

There were 105 art exhibitions which were appreciated by some locals and government representatives of Rizal.

Artipolo started its advocacy to nurture the talents of the artists in 2014.

Among various artworks showcased  emotions, reality, pets, foods and so much more.

What’s more interesting is that their artwork looks so precious, finely done, 

but they are  surely more affordable than expected.

Professor Bienvenido Araw III University of Santo Tomas-College of Fine Arts was present and expressed how impressed he was with all the talent he had seen in the mini-museum.

“Kahanga-hanga! Nakita ko ‘yung mga paintings, magagaling sila at sa tingin ko evidence yan of people who understand the art very well,” Araw said.

What he appreciated even more is that the organization, although he is not a member of it, gives chances to younger people to learn more and improve their hearts in their craft.

For a  young artist, every painting has emotions even if it’s not too deep, but there are surely emotions in every art.

Gen Z art exhibitor Marque de Leon shared the meaning of a painting titled “siphayo”, one of the many paintings showcased in the gallery.

“Yung ‘siphayo,’ english term niya is disappointment,” de Leon said.

“(pag) nagpe-paint po kasi ako, bini-base ko sa feelings ko o sa feelings ng taong nakikita ko,” de Leon added.

The young painter said that it was not an in-born talent that made him become an artist but it was introduced to him by a friend and he started drawing, copying an object.

Another Gen Z had an interesting entry among the paintings: Liana Mariz Mesina’s artwork is inspired by the love she has for pets.

“Yung artwork ko is a dog na natutulog kasi naniniwala ako na ‘yung aso or ‘yung mga alaga natin sa bahay, sila yung nagbibigay ng kulay o nagpapasaya sa buhay natin,” the 23-year-old artist said.

Mesina has been sharing her creative juices with Artipolo since Day 1 of the organization. She is one of the pioneers of the bunch of artists.

Not to mention that she came from a family of artists, no doubt why she is really a skilled young woman.

Although she is part of the Gen Z, Mesina  is concerned about people in her age group who only focus on gadgets and the dying appreciation for art.

“Ang nasa isip na ngayon nila – cellphone, gadgets, tiktok, snapchats,,” she said.

“Mas maganda yung ano namin sa art, mapapalawak kasi ‘yung knowledge namin. Yung art kasi malawak eh… so mas mapapaganda yung flow ng buhay namin, maiiwas sa bisyo.”

Both Mesina and de Leon are Gen Zs. But  they have different tastes and ways of expression yet the same vision for art. 

Mesina only took between two and three days to finish her artwork, while de Leon finished his painting in about two weeks.

Daburi and K-Gogi, known for their bestselling ramen and gyoza, have been operating for two years. 

Today, they decided to innovate with a distinct collaboration with Artipolo which opened great opportunities for the skilled crafters.

Other artists who showcased their work during the event were::

Alecs de Leon, Alexandra Moserrat, Aminah Sioson, Aris Ventures, Ber Nardo, 

Bernardo Matias,  Celestino Untalan, Cha Baladjay, Charmaine Marie Olondriz de Chavez, 

Chriselle Guzik, Cindy Grace Santiago, Corazon Gaufo Patrata, Crishaira Peliño-Bode, 

Daphne Lagunay, Diane Cabas, Dominic Fabio, Don Cabanza, Dyna Quizon-Ondoy, 

Edward Sato, Elanor Habal Robleza, Elizabeth Escuerra Castillo, Francis Evangelista, 

Gem Yonzon Blanco, Gerry Pradia, Jenella Medina, Jerry Contridas, Jessica Casaljay, M Guzik

 Jo Villamiel, John Mark Navarro, Jonathan Belisario, Jun Rodrigo Vicaldo, Kathleen Enriquez, Lyndon Garrovillas, Mac Baladjay, Mae de Vera, Marge DC Gomez, 

Maria Lenlen Moriones Marichu Ventures, Marie Claire, Maris Ventures, Maritess Paracas-Mesina, Mar Sula-Quijano, Mark Joseph Beloria, Martha Tan, Mar Rose Cob, Mathilda Sila Sun, Martha Yan Michael Briquillo, Michelle Diwa, Nelson Basa, 

Nelson dela Cruz, Nelson Basa,Nelson Francisco, Noel Basa, Pauline dela Cruz, Rod Lopez, Rod Talde, Pol A Mesian Jr.Sonny Perida, Tam Urao, Veronica Dumlao and Vivian Nocum Limpin.

Editor’s note: Daburi Ramen and K-Gogi are owned by republicasia’s COO Eero Brillantes.



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