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Kris Aquino getting better, photos show

by Izel Abanilla

BASED on her newest photos posted on social media accounts, the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino,  it seems,  is responding well to her treatment in the United States. She has noticeably gained weight. 

Her friend, Batangas Vice Gov. Mark Leviste, first posted the photos in his account. He paid Aquino a visit while he was on vacation in the US. 

Judging from the pictures, Aquino looked obviously healthier. It can be remembered that her previous photos had elicited concern from her supporters because she had an alarming weight loss. 

In his post, Levisted said, “Spending the first day of the year with the Queen.” 

The post delighted netizens who were wishing for her early recovery.

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Her youngest son Bimby joined in the photo too. 

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Her eldest Joshua too was all smiles. 

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Image: Screen grabbed from @markleviste Instagram

Image: screen grabbed from @krisaquino Instagram

Extended US stay

Last December 24, Aquino informed her followers that she had ordered her lawyer to file the necessary paperwork to extend their stay in the US legally. 

She again updated the public about her health condition. According to her, she is “highly likely” enduring a fifth autoimmune disease. She expressed gratitude to all those who extended her healing prayers. 

Romance refused

While it is unknown whether romance is brewing yet again between the two, it can be remembered however that Aquino and Leviste have once been linked to each other in 2020. 

But the actress turned down any chance for romance with Leviste as the latter lacked a “sensitivity chip” and “wasn’t polite with his text messages.”

At one point, Aquino put up a “hugot” on Instagram which featured the quote, “Choose those who choose you” after she refused romance with Leviste despite feeling lonely amid social distancing protocols during the height of the pandemic. 

Bravely enough, Leviste gave a loving counter to Aquino’s statement and answered back with “I choose you.” 

The actress slammed it again, with a bold reply:  “no thank you, no offense.” 

It was not clear how he managed to get permission to visit Aquino.  Well, he  made it.

Photo credit: Kris Aquino via @markleviste Instagram



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