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Kinarir! Hilarious Tiktok parodies of Wednesday Addams

by Athena Yap

“HELLO! I am Wednesday Addams, and you’re about to watch my late night makeup tutorial”

Have you watched or joined the trend yet?

Jenna Ortega who plays the role of Wednesday Addams in Netflix series “Wednesday” has been continuously having the spotlight on social media since it premiered last November 23 (Wednesday).

The online community can’t get enough of her soft goth makeup look which now has countless parody entries on Tiktok.

As seen in her character, she’s wearing smudged black eyeliner around her eyes, a deep plum lipstick and her signature long braided hair that completes the look.

The Tiktok Beauty Community has been crazy about it and of course, Filipinos are not going to miss it.

Take a look among the local parodies and it’s up to your judgment who did it best

Lenie Aycardo


Hello! I’m Wednesday Addams. As you all requested 🖤🇵🇭

♬ original sound – MGM Studios

She is best known for her makeup transitions. And once again, she did not fail to amaze her followers with her Wednesday Addams entry. Evidently, her parody did an excellent job as it generated over 10 million views and more than a million likes.

Spencer Serafica


s4na nAgGusTuhan niy0🥰🥰🥰🥰💅🤣🤣

♬ original sound – Xspencer – Xspencer

If you’re looking for a legit Filipino version of the Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial entry, Spencer got it for you! Aside from being more understandable, it is also giving the good vibes. What’s more impressive is that he really made a twist out of the trend. He seemed to use charcoal instead of a moisturizer first which made it so humorous for the audience. The entire video will definitely make you laugh all the time.



Late night makeup tutorial with Wednesday Addams.🖤🪦#ur_fujicko

♬ original sound – MGM Studios

Here, the 22-year-old Tiktoker Fujicko had a smooth step by step transition of her Wednesday Addams look which garnered a million views, almost a hundred thousand likes and more than a hundred of comments.


LGBTQ community is surely proud of Janio for his winning entry of the Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial trend. S/he is also popular among the beauty content creators on Tiktok and as seen in his entry, he nailed it. More than 5 million have seen his parody and over six hundred thousand loved it.

Geraldine Rivera

Among the entries, it was a fast phase transition for Geraldine, but it gave the complete look of Wednesday Addams which satisfied the request of her followers.



HAHAHAHAHA Asan ba nanay ng batang to? 🤣 Wednesday Addams Make Up tutorial cute version 💕 #wednesdayaddams #wednesdaymakeup #wednesdayaddamsmakeup

♬ original sound – MGM Studios

In this video, you’ll catch yourself replaying it because of an impressive transition of a toddler doing the makeup tutorial trend by Wednesday Addams.



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