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Kat Alano slams claims she only wants to be ‘famous’ 

by Izel Abanilla

Filipino-British model Kat Alano found solace in supportive statements she received as she revealed her emotional ordeal due to the rape that she said she suffered years ago.

The former MTV VJ has been expressing her strong emotions online, especially on Twitter, and her distress from the rape that she said took place when she was 19. 

Since her first admission in 2014, she has not named her attacker.

But some netizens noticed that she puts out statements whenever there are developments about controversial actor Vhong Navarro, who was charged with rape and acts of lasciviousness by model Deniece Cornejo. 

Because of this, there were people who accused her of only riding the hype of the story.  She received backlash online. 

But there were also people who came to her defense and gave the television personality messages of support. 

Among them was Twitter user TwoStepsbehind who uses the handle @RogueSFU,  andwhom Alano said was “one of the only sane voices in this whole world.” 

“Hi Kat. I’ve been working with abuse victims for a long time & want to tell you that I believe you,” TwoStepsbehind told Alano. 

“Your pain, struggles & personal victories out of that ordeal are valid. Please continue to speak out because there are those who are inspired by your courage,” said TwoStepsbehind. 

Image: Screen grab from Kat Alano’s Twitter

Image: Screen grab from Kat Alano’s Twitter

Trying to be famous? ‘No, I don’t think so’ 

Alano also disputed accusations that she was only using her pain for fame. She even pointed out that despite her admissions and reports about her, no one has actually ever interviewed her.  

“It makes me laugh that people think I am trying to be famous,” she said. 

“Ever wondered why despite all the articles about me, nobody has ever actually interviewed me and asked me personally?” she added. 

“No, I didn’t think so,” she finished. 

Image: Screen grab from Kat Alano’s Twitter

She also said was amazed at how people could be so “cruel.” 

“They have no critical thinking skills. They think fame is super important. 

Being in the industry for years, “I’ve already been famous. It’s not real guys,” she said.  

She ended her tweet by thanking her supporters for being “kind.” 

Image: Screen grab from Kat Alano’s Twitter

Alano recently made headlines following her emotional breakdown on video where she kept on saying, “This is a nightmare.” 

This shortly after Navarro was released from detention Tuesday after the court allowed him to post P1 million bail. 

Alano earlier said her assailant was a “famous personality” whose name “rhymes with wrong.” She has never, however, named anyone nor filed charges against anybody to this day. 

Photo credit: Kat Alano via Kat Alano Facebook



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