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Kat Alano hits bashers who refused to believe her rape story

by Izel Abanilla

MANILA, Philippines – TELEVISION personality Kat Alano lashed out anew on netizens who seemed  to downplay her rape story allegedly involving a famous personality. 

Alano first came out with her “explosive revelation” in an episode of Mo Twister’s radio show “Good Times”  in 2014. She was allegedly raped in 2005.

Apparently, the timing of her big reveal followed model Deniece Cornejo’s accusations against actor-dancer Vhong Navarro over the same case that allegedly took place in January 2014. 

She never named names.

What roused attention that Alano might likewise be referring to the “It’s Showtime” host is her clue that her rapist’s name who is a “famous celebrity” actually “rhymes with wrong.” 

In September 2022, Taguig court finally ordered the arrest of the actor. At about this time, Alano tweeted a feeling she had seen “Finally a glimpse of justice” without a direct attribution to anyone, effectively alluding to Navarro.

Through it all,  she has been receiving tremendous backlash online because of her revelation seemingly referring to the TV personality. 

And so on Twitter, Alano fumed yet again to her bashers in a series of tweets as she defended her psychological ordeal over the years as a rape victim.

“Depression? You want to know how many years I suffered from depression after being raped?” she asked.

“Just because you don’t hear about it in the media doesn’t mean we haven’t suffered because of the actions of one man,” she added. 

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

For over 17 years, Alano said she suffered from, depression, suicidal thoughts, isolation, anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome, crying for nights on end, breaking down, snapping at people I care about, feeling alone, feeling attacked.

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

She also slammed the people’s tendency to misgivings of eventually forgiving a man who commits rape while condemning and destroying the woman who gets raped.  “And you guys don’t see a problem here?” she asked.

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

As what’s happening to her, she talked about how victims, instead of being favored, are further discredited by the public by trying to “make them look like addicts, drunks, prostitutes, sluts, liars. Whatever you can do to make them look BAD so nobody believes them.” 

Whereas “predators” would usually “preach about God, use family for sympathy, cry, use allies that will vouch for your ‘good nature.’”  

Since the case versus Navarro surfaced, many of his family and friends came to his defense. Both his wife Tanya Bautista and ex-wife, actress Bianca Lapus both vouched for the actor’s good nature. 

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

Without dropping names, Alano directly addressed her bashers that their “idol is a bad man” and that whatever is happening to him is his doing, “kasalanan niya din yun.” 

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

Retweeting a basher’s banter who told her she was only dipping her finger into the issue to create buzz, “Lesson one in PR bashing: Send aggressive trolls to try and scare targets into silence.” 

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

She also retweeted a swipe at her about the things she should have done as a rape victim. 

She boldly answered it, “People don’t know how much victims go through to prove that someone did something bad to them. I’m sorry you went through this. And they wonder why people don’t report. *hugs*.”

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

“A lot of people don’t understand just how devastating rape is. They think it is just like having sex. They don’t know that it is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. A heinous crime,” she said. 

“You deserve love and so much more. It is not your fault someone chose to hurt you. Be free and live your life,” she followed. 

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

Lastly, she slammed how “rape culture in the Philippines rears its ugly head. Rape is karma for these types of women daw. Anong klaseng pagiisip to? Magpatawad and move on daw, is this what God says? If someone rapes you, move on? Kalokohan to bro. Update your mind man.”

To date, Alano has yet to file a case against Navarro, or any other suspect.

Photo Credit: Kat Alano, Twitter

Navarro transferred To Taguig City jail from NBI

Just after the public and the actor himself thought his legal ordeal was done, a Taguig court ordered his arrest last September 19, 2022 over charges of acts of lasciviousness. 

Judge Angela Francesca Din of the Branch 116 of the Taguig Metropolitan Court said in a decision that she found probable cause to hold Navarro for a trial following the charges filed by Cornejo. 

Navarro has repeatedly denied the accusations against him. 

DOJ: No case vs Navarro 

In 2014, the Department of Justice  dismissed the same case rape case. According to a 42-page resolution, the DOJ described Cornejo’s complaint as “to a certain degree astonishing and incredible as it is contrary to human frailty.”

The DOJ said that even the supposed dating relationship with Navarro was not established by Cornejo, let alone the rape.

Last November 21, the court ordered the detention of the actor to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City.

Photo credit: Kat Alano Instagram via @katalano



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