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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo announces solo debut, opens Youtube channel

by Joyce Remo

FINALLY! BLACKPINK’s Kim Ji-soo is making her debut as a solo artist, according to the group’s label, YG Entertainment.

On January 2, YG disclosed that the BLACKPINK member is preparing to launch her solo debut in 2023.

“BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is currently working hard on recording her solo album. While carrying out a busy world tour schedule since last year, she finished the album jacket photo shoot and worked on music production whenever she got the time in order to keep the promise with fans. She will greet [fans] soon with good news,” YG Entertainment wrote.

Fans have long been waiting for Jisoo’s solo music gig after the other BLACKPINK members,  Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, started their solo careers.

Other details regarding Jisoo’s solo album, such as its concept and release date, are yet to be announced.

While she has yet to have a solo music project, she starred in the drama Snowdrop without the other group members. 

Jisoo’s Youtube channel 

Jisoo celebrated her 28th birthday on January 3 by launching her Youtube channel Happy Jisoo 103%. She uploaded her first video, London Vlog, on the same day.

The Snowdrop star’s vlog was taken with another BLACKPINK member, Lisa and was filmed in London in December.

Screengrab from BLACKPINK Jisoo’s London Vlog

The two went around the city to visit various tourist attractions like the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. 

“We get a day off in London today. I’m walking the streets of London for my day off. It’s already full of Christmas vibes here. So I’m gonna take some pictures. I’ll take on the challenge!” she said. 

Screengrab from BLACKPINK Jisoo’s London Vlog

According to Jisoo’s Youtube channel, “All profit coming from the HAPPY JISOO 103% channel will be donated to those in need. We hope everyone’s happiness index increases.”

Happy Jisoo 103% reached one million subscribers within 10 hours since its launch, while Jisoo’s first vlog accumulated 2.4 million views in approximately 11 hours.

Banner courtesy: Jisoo’s Instagram



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