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It’s Hump Day! It’s Winsday! Choose your Wednesday greet

by Athena Yap

Recently updated on November 24, 2022 09:22 am

The Imelda Papin classic goes, “Miyerkules, nagtapat ka ng ‘yong pag-ibig.”

For working people, especially in the office, it’s that day of the week when your’e on top of the proverbial work hill and you are so looking forward to the weekend. 

They call it Hump Day

For sales people or those trying to hit their fitness goals or other targets, its that day of the week that are near to hitting your goals for the week.

They call it Winsday!

Whatever you decide to call this day, let’s just celebrate that today is finally Wednesday!

Well, it really helps for all of us to find motivation to make it through the week. 

Hump Day

For some, the workweek is from Monday through Friday and Wednesday is visualized as a hump that a person climbs going to the weekend.


Winning on a Wednesday? Why not?

Instagram’s #winsday alone has more than 46,000 posts.

You are alive and breathing and that is enough to declare that you are winning. Yes?! AMEN! Praise God!!!

How to use in a convo

It is mostly used in a light way, perhaps a friendly and positive way.

When you want to make life at work feel better despite the workload on a Wednesday, and you see them having kinda hard time surviving the week, you could greet someone beside you “Happy Hump Day!” or a “Happy Winsday!”

So, how’s your Wednesday going? If you still couldn’t get its context, maybe some of these social media posts could help you understand it better (and hopefully feel better).



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