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It’s generally fair weather today, Philippines

by Malou Talosig-Bartolome

EXCEPT for Cagayan province, the country will experience generally favorable weather today, state weather forecaster Pagasa said.

Pagasa weather specialist Obet Badrina said Cagayan will have cloudy skies, scattered rains and thunderstorms today due to the shear line or the narrow zone where winds from north and south converge.

“Samantala, sa malaking bahagi ng ating bansa, generally, maaliwalas ang panahon. But then again, posible pa rin ang pulo-pulong pag-ulan, pagkidlat at pagkulog,” Badrina said.

Batanes, on one hand, will have partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated light rains due to northeast monsoon or hanging amihan.

Temperature check

Yesterday, it was blazing hot for Zamboanga City residents. Mercury rose to 35.1°C around 12 noon.

It seems the northeast monsoon has not yet come around Laoag City yet as residents experienced a 34.3°C temp around 2pm yesterday.

The coldest temperatures yesterday were in the mountainous areas: Baguio at 16.4°C, Malaybalay, Bukidnon at 19°C and Tanay, Rizal at 21.3°C.

Outlook for December 8, holiday

Got any holiday plans on Thursday, December 8?

Looks like the weather will be clear on Thursday in most parts of the country. Just like today, there might be scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

Tacloban City and Tuguegarao City will probably experience more rains, though.

Gale warning

Gale warning still up in Batanes, northern Cagayan including Babuyan Islands, and northern Ilocos Norte. Waves could go as as high as 2.8 meters – 4.5 meters (9 ft – 14.7 ft).

A 14 ft-wave height is as high as a one-and-a-half storied house. The gale is caused by northeast monsoon winds or hanging amihan.

“Delikado pa ring maglayag ang mga maliit na bangka at maliit na sasakyang pandagat partikular na nga sa mga baybayin ng Batanes, hilagang baybaying ng Cagayan at hilagang baybayin ng Ilocos Norte,” Badrina said.

Visayas dayalekto

Ang tibook Visayas, Palawan ug Occidental Mindoro makasinati ug panagsang mapanganuron ngadto na sa madag-umon nga kalangitan inubanan sa mga pat-ak pat-ak na pag-ulan ug pagpangilat ug pagpanugdog tungod sa Easterlies / localized thunderstorms.

Hinay ngadto sa kasarangan nga paghuros sa hangin gikan sa Silangan ngadto sa Amihanang-silangan ang mupasulabi sa Visayas, Palawan lakip na ang Kalayaan Islands, ug sa Occidental Mindoro diin ang kadagatan naay hinay ngadto sa kasarangan ang pagbalud.

Mindanao dayalekto

Mindanao makasinati sa panalagsang pagdag-om ngadto sa mapanganuron nga kalangitan inubanan sa patak patak nga pag-ulan, kilat ug panalugdog tungod sa Easterlies. Hinay ngadto na sa kasarangan nga hangin nga magagikan sa silangan ngadto na sa amihanang silangang direksyon ug hapsay ngadto na sa kasarangan ang pagbalud sa kadagatan.

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