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It’s a Beautiful Day: Viral video captures hearts to end 2022

by Ron Poblete

2022 is coming to a close and like most years when it ends we find ourselves contemplating on life and what lies ahead as we welcome the new year. 

Just in time a viral video was shared on social media platforms that captured the hearts of netizens from all over. 

Pure joy

It is from a Youtuber named The Kiffness who found and remixed a video from 6 years ago of a 10 year old Jamaican boy, Rushawn. The original song is from Jamaican gospel singer Jermaine Edwards who has done some amazing work campaigning and helping kids contemplating suicide.

Kiffness on his Youtube channel said this about the song: “Thank you for sunshine, thank you for rain 🙏🏼❤️ Really enjoyed making this cover of Jermaine’s song with a touching message. I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me.”.

Must have pulled a lot of heart strings as the remix version of the song got 1.5 million views since he posted it on December 15.2022. It has since been shared on multiple platforms. 

“Thank you 2022 for the highs & the lows that came with this year. I’m thankful to be here, making music & spending time with my family. Thankful for all the tough times too & the valuable lessons that came with them.“ Kiffness adds on his channel.

Well deserved

And if you are wondering about Rushawn, the star of the video who at this time is already 16 years old got any royalties for this, he did.

What a great find. It’s a message the world needs right now after going through a pandemic, the difficulties and so much loss. 

It’s hard not to sing along.

“Lord I thank you for sunshine, thank you for rain, thank you for joy, thank you for pain,” 

It’s a beautiful day.

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