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How to get along with your colleagues

by Jericho Zafra

IF you are a fresh graduate or an employee entering a new workplace, you have probably asked yourself: ‘how can I make friends at work?’ considering that before joining the company, your colleagues have already built friendships and closeness with each other.

Please don’t fret, it might take time, but you’ll get to know your work buddies soon.

For Monica Fortu, a human resource practitioner, besides building good connections inside the company, some benefits of good employee relationships include increased productivity and a healthy environment.

“The closer the bond, the more the employee will work productively because they are okay with his/her coworker,” said Fortu.

As per Fortu, the absence of “getting along with your coworkers” can induce more stress aside from the workload.

But how can you build good connections with your coworkers?

US-based worldwide employment website Indeed said in order to get along with your coworkers, you should break your walls down and follow these tips:

Build relationships from the start.

It may be demanding, but building good connections with your coworkers from the very first day of your deployment is one good thing for getting close bonds with your workmates. The simple introduction of your name and shaking hands with them can provide you with a valuable opportunity to network and communicate your desire to form ties with your fellow employees.

Spend some time getting to know other people.

By expressing interest in others, you can let them know you are receptive to friendship while also determining whether you get along with a coworker, said Indeed.

The employment platform also said that you could ask them some personal questions aside from work-related inquiries, whether what are their plans for the long weekend, what are their recent favorite movies that they can recommend to you, or if they have plans to go out on a dinner with the whole work team.

Respect one another at work

This is one of the golden rules in the workplace. While the reality of work is that not everyone will like you or vice versa, showing your utmost respect to your workmates regardless of their treatment can ensure a positive relationship.

Don’t overshare.

Maintain professional boundaries. If you are already in touch with your coworkers, avoid oversharing personal matters that are no longer healthy for both of you. This will also enable you to keep up polite but professional relationships with your coworkers, it said.

Be approachable

Being approachable does not mean you are available 24/7 and have no personal privacy. Just make yourself open for inquiries whenever workmates ask you for something they do not know.

Work with teams

Collaborating for a specific project not only makes the workload less heavy but also helps you know other people aside from your work friends. 

Make new hires feel welcome, too.

Remember that once in your life, you were in their position too. So make newbies feel welcomed the moment they enter the halls of the company with established friendships. You can simply ask them where they came from, what institution they graduated from, what hobbies they are interested in, or what comfort food they eat whenever they feel overwhelmed at work.

Keep hustling, but don’t forget the fun side of work, bestie.



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