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How Gen Z utilizes music for their mental health

by RepublicAsia

It’s no secret that music has a lot of positive effects on people and it can be used for just about anything, whether it’s to focus on studying, when cooking or cleaning or even as simple as just listening. Most of the time when we hear people talk about music it’s to say that it puts them out of boredom, entertains them and that’s what music is known for. But music can be used for a much more important purpose-mental health. 

Mental health has become a priority ever since the pandemic started especially by GenZs and one of the things that helps them deal with it  is through the use of music. 

How does it help them?

As for Elaine Balbin, 22, music makes her feel complete, “When I listen to music it just gets me through everything like commuting to and from school, it gets me going,” she said. 

Elaine also shared that without it she feels as though there’s something missing in her day and that she oftens listens to music at night to decompress, “Pinapabuti niya yung mental state ko kapag ganun,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Louisse Kalingag, 22, says that music is there when she feels as though it’s hard to open up to someone about her mental state, “Through music kasi feeling ko may nakakaintindi sa akin all the time,” she shared. 

Even though Louisse’s primary use for music is entertaining herself, it still somehow helps her mental wellbeing, “[Minsan kasi] may gusto akong mafeel or may hinahanap ako na through music ko lang makikita”. 

Furthermore, Ainah Sitchon, 22, she described music as something that lessens her anxiety, “Nababawasan yung worries ko about certain things,” she said. 

Why do they use it?

These people also opened up why they use music to feel better or deal with mental health issues, Elaine explained that using music lets hers feel different emotions, “When you feel happy, or sad, or excited [guaranteed] there’s a song for those feelings,” she said. And that is a way for her to improve her mental stability. 

The same goes for Louisse, she shared that sometimes it validates whatever she is feeling, “Sometimes kasi may songs na parang sinulat para sayo and nakakawala talaga siya ng anxiety,” she said. 

On the other hand, Ainah uses it to help her relax, “During one of our classes, with the help of music I was able to meditate and balance my thoughts away”.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, music is an aid for those who experience anxiety or depression as it uplifts the state of depressed individuals and counteracts the effects of anxiety. 

Additionally, in a post from Harvard Health Publishing by a board certified music therapist, Lorrie Kubicek, activities that center around music like listening or singing does have a positive impact on the mental health of people. 

Furthermore, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and a 2017 Cochrane systematic review, nine studies about music interventions proved that they saw an improvement among depressed individuals by the help of music. 

With reports from Katelyn Julianne Miralles


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