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Holiday outfits to copy from celebrities

by Athena Yap

AS early as September, we Filipinos start getting ready for Christmas, and planning for the season is serious work for us. Among the things we prepare are our outfits for the celebrations.

Oftentimes, we take a peek at our favorite artists’ get-ups to get inspiration for our Christmas looks. 

Keep scrolling as we gathered holiday-ready outfit inspirations from some of the trendsetting celebrities and influencers!

Elisse Joson

You’ll never go wrong with any shade of red. Elisse has always been simple yet fashionable when it comes to what she wears. She surely makes the holidays look classy. 

Are you looking for something to wear with your meshed off-shoulder corset? Elisse has an answer for you. She paired it with a nude pencil skirt with red Christmas leaves print.

Lovi Poe

Do you want something cozy and classy? Lovi’s outfit is the way to go! 

Make it simple this Christmas with a black dress matched with a checkered trench coat and a red beret. Red is the perfect accent for the Christmas season, of course!

Michelle Vito

It  may seem cliche for some, but all-red is the way to go on Christmas. It’s somewhat of a dress code. Actress Michelle pulled it off in a red spaghetti-strapped dress with a slit. 

Toni Sia

Black is still a good idea for Christmas. There’s no rule saying black is prohibited, and influencer Toni Sia is here to prove it. 

Sia is known for her neutral outfits, and if you’re one of her followers, you pretty much know that neutrals are her go-to fits.

Janina Manipol

Having a hard time matching two sets of outfits? It’s a breeze to choose a simple dress for your holiday look.

But to appear more sophisticated, and if you can’t find a Christmas colors such as red and green, champagne rose gold is a good choice. Janina just made it look easy.

Kylie Versoza

Kylie knows how to display the right amount of skin. 

Not showing cleavage but giving a peek of her stomach and long legs is a good Christmas look. 

Julia Barretto

Looking for a loungey but elegant look? A silk robe as seen on actress Julia Barretto is a good idea.
Even there is no skin being shown, red always looks feisty and sultry.

Michelle Dy

Who says ripped jeans are not a trend anymore? Influencer Michelle pulled it off last Christmas when she paired it with her champagne gold venus top.

When you want it casual but still classy, a silk top in a champagne color is what you need to complete the look.



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