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Here’s everything we know about P-pop girl group DIONE’s Valentine’s single ‘Paulit-ulit’

by Joanna Deala

HAVE you ever had someone who you admire, and you’re content to see them even from afar? This is what young people call a “happy crush,” which they would definitely be reminded of once they hear the forthcoming song of rising P-pop girl group DIONE.

DIONE is a four-member group–composed of Joyden, DK, Clara and Ella–managed by FirstOne Entertainment, the same company that handles P-pop boy group 1st.One. The girl group made its debut in 2022 with its single “Bling Bling.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the quartet will be treating their fans, collectively known as Talies, with their song “Paulit-ulit.” It will be released on February 13 at midnight.

In an exclusive interview with republicasia, DK said that the single is about having a happy crush on someone who wouldn’t even know you existed.

For Clara, “Paulit-ulit” could also represent a “hopeless romantic” who is trying to figure out whether they would confess their feelings to their crush.

It could also be about different relationships that a person could have with another individual that they admire, added Joyden.

“Pwede siya sa iba’t-ibang situation, like fangirl to idol, yung happy crush sa school, or yung friend mo na crush mo na ‘di mo alam kung aaminin mo,” she said.

What will make this more relatable to listeners is that “Paulit-ulit” is actually inspired by DK’s’ experience of having a happy crush on an idol.

Joyden recalled when she was spending quality time with DK and Clara in a cafe to work on a new song in 2021 when they saw DK’s idol and happy crush in the area. 

The three members shared that they initially thought of composing a song that was not about love but thanks to DK’s happy crush, the trio instantly had an inspiration for their project.

“Nakita ko po yung happy crush ko nun. Eh sakto po nakapagsulat na rin sila ng mga draft nila,” shared DK.

“Kasi nagsusulat sila ng tula. Tapos po [nung] natulog po sila ng tanghali, kinuha ko yung mga draft nila na sinulat, and then paggising nila, nabuo ko na po yung ‘Paulit-ulit,’” she added.

Fueled by inspiration, DK said that they finished the song in three hours, the fastest one they have ever worked on.

Joyden said they immediately contacted a producer to record the single.

New version, new music video

Several Talies may have heard “Paulit-ulit” before since DIONE performed the song at the PPOP Convention in 2022.

“Paulit-ulit” is upbeat with lyrics of, “Bakit nga ba ganito? Pagdating sayo’y, natutuliro; O kailan ba magigising? Patingin sa’n ibabaling? O kailan ka darating? Paulit-ulit na hiling,” as heard in a video uploaded by a netizen on YouTube.

But the new version of the song to be dropped next week will have a little surprise for fans.

“Mas special po sa’min ngayon yung ‘Paulit-ulit’ kasi since before ni-release namin siya ng kaming tatlo lang, ngayon po kasi longer version na po yung ‘Paulit-ulit,’” DK said.

The original version was divided among Joyden, DK, and Clara. So when they performed it with Ella, the three members had to split up their other parts in the song and give it to the group’s main rapper.

DK revealed that they added lyrics for Ella in the longer version of their single.

DIONE also teased releasing a new music video for “Paulit-ulit.” The quartet said that the original version had a music video that they created and where they showcased their friendship.

“May MV din po ‘yun na kami-kami lang din po yung gumawa, parang selfie camera po siya na music video,” said DK.

Clara hinted that they have a leading man in the new music video who will be the center of their attention.

“Very cute MV na pinagplanuhan talaga namin, and actually kami din yung parang nag-direct. Parang alam mo yung mga HS [high school] project na mga schoolers kami ‘tas gumawa kami ng music video for fun. Parang ganun po yung atake,” she said.

But according to DIONE’s main dancer, the music video will offer a twist that Talies would only find out once they watch it.

The girl group has released solo teasers of DK and Ella on its social media pages.

2024 plans

“Paulit-ulit” will be the first song DIONE releases this year. The quartet hopes that this will only be the beginning as they are determined to achieve more goals this 2024.

One of these is a “big project” with a well-known brand, said DK.

The members did not give details about it yet but they said fans could expect a different version of DIONE.

“It’s unexpected syempre, and at the same time, hindi po namin alam na parang gusto pala kami ng brand na ‘yon kasi syempre yung branding po kasi namin parang hindi rin po ganon,” Clara said.

She added, “Pero eto na po yung clue, ready na po kayo? ‘Big girls.’”

Apart from the forthcoming release of “Paulit-ulit,” the members said they have been working on an album that they hope to release this year.

“Matagal na rin po naming pinagpa-planuhan and marami na rin po kaming drafts personally ng mga songs na we could potentially put all together as an album,” Clara said.

The group is focused on releasing more singles, she added.

“Kasi madali lang po yung album kapag sunod-sunod na yung songs eh. Nandun pa lang po kami sa process na ‘yon na ilalabas po namin isa-isa siguro tsaka kami gagawa ng album,” DK chimed in.

Clara added, “Nag-iipon muna kami ng singles and then hopefully by the end of this year, I mean no promises, makalabas kami ng kahit mini album.”

DIONE also shared that it wanted to collaborate with other P-pop idols, especially girl group BINI.

“Parang mas gusto po namin mag-collab with girl groups kasi girl power,” Clara shared.

“Paulit-ulit” will be DIONE’s comeback to the P-pop scene, seven months after the release of its latest single “Pangako.”



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