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Headless passenger caught on video?

by Kiko Cueto

THERE is a Filipino belief that if a person was caught on video or photo of being headless, it is a sign that the person will die because of an accident or something else.

Just recently a video went viral on social media after it showed a pickup truck where the passenger at the back of the vehicle, seems to be missing a head.

Let’s find out why, as we open Republicasiamedia’s cryptic files.

Headless passenger  

According to uploader Thomas Hofer II, the video was taken as he was enroute to Zamboanga, Sibugay.

Thomas said that they came from the Pagadian Airport and were on their way to Zamboanga, Sibugay to attend the founding anniversary of the province when a pickup truck overtook them in their lane.

It was then that he noticed that the passenger at the back seemingly does not have any head.

Thomas quickly grabbed his cell phone and started recording.

And this is what he saw.

Screengrab from Thomas Hofer II FB Reel

A man who was holding on to the back of the pickup truck without any visible head.

It can be seen holding on as the pickup truck was speeding.

After posting, it quickly generated millions of views and thousands of comments.

Some were scared but others remained skeptical.

If you would like to view the full video you can see it here.

So, how true is the video?

According to Thomas, he too was skeptical of what he saw that was why he took the video. He said to not always believe in everything you see, and always look at all possible angles.

Of the thousands that made a comment on the video, a certain Ezaiah Palma stood out.

According to her, she was inside the pickup truck where the “headless man” was riding.

She said that the “headless man” was her father, and that he covered his head  using his jacket, to cover it due to the heat from the sun.

She went on by saying that it is a misunderstanding and that she commented to clarify things and that there were no death related incidents.

Recently, republicasiamedia featured a story about a lost soul caught on video. The link to the story can be found here.

Many Filipinos believe in many things. But as Thomas said, we should always look at all sides before believing in anything.

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