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Pregnant and Proud Celebrities

‘TIS the season to be jolly, as Christmas is fast approaching. Many are unaware of it, but ‘tis the season to be preggy, too, especially for showbiz ladies. This year alone, there areseveral pregnant celebrities. Some are excited, first-time moms, while others are expecting their second baby or even their third.
by Leah Salterio

Recently updated on November 5, 2022 02:49 pm

‘TIS the season to be jolly, as Christmas is fast approaching. Many are unaware of it, but ‘tis the season to be preggy, too, especially for showbiz ladies. This year alone, there are several pregnant celebrities. Some are excited, first-time moms, while others are expecting their second baby or even their third. All of them happily announced their pregnancy, even proudly posing with their baby bump. Gone are those days when pregnant stars would go into hiding while they were in that interesting stage. Today, the moms-to-be are anticipating their new, real-life roles with much excitement.

Iza Calzado

For actress Iza Calzado, who’s an expectant mom for the first time, life apparently begins at 40. Trite but true. She turned 40 last August and it’s also her 20th year in the industry. A few months before that, Iza announced she was pregnant. “This is the biggest surprise of 2022 for me and my husband, Ben,” Iza said in a previous TV interview. “I was even planning to go to New York. We agreed that we would not have the baby this year. “God had other plans and His plans are far greater than what my eyes and my heart can see. We were not trying again. This [pregnancy] was unplanned, but of course, very highly appreciated.” In an Instagram post, Iza wrote a heartfelt letter to her baby. “You will give me the why, the purpose, the direction in my life and I embrace you in my life as we build, along with Ben – your dad, a family. “They were right. Life does begin at 40. Simply put, your life begins as your mother turns 40. To know that life is growing inside me is a great miracle. You are my miracle. You are my guiding light. It is her first baby with husband Ben Wintle, with whom she tied the knot in 2018.

Jessy Mendiola

Actress Jessy Mendiola, wife of Luis Manzano, is expecting her first baby. More than that, the fact that the baby is the first and much-awaited grandson of Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos, makes it all the more exciting. The couple announced they were expecting their first baby through a vlog last August, Jessy’s fifth month of pregnancy. The footage showed photos from Palawan, Batangas and Baguio, places that they recently been to. Now that she is going into her seventh month, Jessy with Luis, are releasing more new videos of her becoming new parents soon. She is expected to pop before Christmas or towards the New Year.

The one who is most excited about the coming of Peanut, the baby’s nickname, is Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos, the first-time lola. “Luis and Jessy are no longer just husband and wife, but also parents soon,” Vilma the couple in an earlier interview. “With that, they should expect changes in terms of priorities.”

Angelica Panganiban

Another first-time mom is actress Angelica Panganiban, who gave birth to her baby with boyfriend Gregg Homan. In June, Angelica revealed she would be having a baby girl. She even had a stunning maternity shoot in Subic, followed by a baby shower attended by her showbiz friends. She gave birth last September 20 and has been sharing even her breastfeeding moment with her first child via her Instagram stories. Angelica, who’s turning 36 on November 4, has been taking care of her newborn baby, Amila Sabine, nicknamed Bean. “The turn of events somehow makes me feel proud and helps me overcome depression,” Angelica said on IG. “Just two rounds of pumping and I think I would be able to satisfy the hunger of my baby again.”

Bianca King

Another would-be first-time mom is actress Bianca King, who is now based in Australia. She is on her sixth month of pregnancy. Bianca’s announcement came close to that of her sister-in-law, Iza Calzado. Bianca’s hubby is Ralph Wintle, the younger brother of Iza’s husband, Ben. Bianca and Ralph married in June 2021, amid the pandemic. It was only last August when Bianca revealed she was expecting her first baby. “It was a long journey to get here. It was not easy – being in our mid-late 30s. I mentally gave up and was about to do IVF (in-vitro fertilization). But surprise! A natural miracle happened.” Bianca believes her husband will be the best dad. She thanked Ralph for setting her on the path to becoming a mom. Both Bianca and Iza are happy to be connected by a shared blessing even if they are miles apart.

Solenn Heussaff

Model-actress Solenn Heussaff and her Argentine husband, Nico Bolzico, made a playful announcement about their second baby last July. At that time, Solenn was on her fourth month of pregnancy. By this time, she would have finished her second trimester and about to move to the final three months. Solenn is still busy hosting on TV, although she said on an Instagram post, “Back to daily injections for baby number 2.” The couple’s first born, Thylane Katana or Tili, is turning three years old in January. By that time, Solenn’s baby number two will be out, too.

Roxanne Barcelo

Another actress now based abroad is Roxanne Barcelo, who is pregnant with her second child with her non-showbiz husband, Jiggs. She is actually expecting another baby boy again by January 2023. Their first baby, Cinco, was born in June 2021. The erstwhile “Pinoy Big Brother” celebrity housemate has been quietly residing in Taiwan, where she migrated this year. She tied the knot with Jiggs in December 2020. With a husband and a toddler in tow, Roxanne apparently proved that she was ready to start a new life in another country. She disclosed she never lived away from the Philippines or the US before. Her mom and her brother are in the US, where Roxanne was born. Yet, it was in Taiwan where Roxanne decided to migrate. She is ready to explore Taiwan, but she plans to visit the Philippines at least four times a year.

Melissa Ricks

Erstwhile “Star Circle Quest” finalist Melissa Ricks is expecting her second child, her first with her non-showbiz husband, Michael Macatangay. She has a daughter, Kiera, 7, from her previous relationship with her schoolmate, Charles Togezaki. Melissa tied the knot with Michael in California in May 2021. Meanwhile, she separated from Charles back in 2016 and lived as a single parent. The actress now resides in the US with her husband and daughter.

Danica Sotto-Pingris

Mixed emotions with nervousness and excitement are what Danica Sotto-Pingis felt when she announced pregnancy for her third baby, with husband-pro-PBA cager Marc Pingris. “Tagal na since my last pregnancy so I’m really feeling every symptom,” 40-year-old Danica shared in her Instagram account, where she gave an update about her condition, “No more headaches and dizzy spells. Thank you, Lord! I have more energy and can eat almost anything. “Whenever I have anxious thoughts, I renew my mind because I know I am not alone and we have God as our guide and our source of strength.” Danica and Marc are blessed with two children – Jean Michael, 13 and Anielle Micaela, 10. The couple has been married for 15 years. “God has perfect timing, never early, never late,” said the eldest daughter of estranged couple Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie. “It just takes a little patience and a whole lot of faith, but it’s worth the wait.”

LJ Moreno-Alapag

Former actress LJ Moreno and her husband, basketball coach Jimmy Alapag, are expecting their fourth baby. The family is now based in the US West Coast. They made the announcement through a vlog on their family’s YouTube channel, Alapag Family Fun. They actually delayed announcing it since LJ previously suffered two miscarriages after their third baby. She is now 41 and by the time she gives birth early next year, she is already 42. LJ and Jimmy have been married for nearly 12 years now. They moved to the US in 2020 when it was already the COVID-19 pandemic. They have three children – Ian, Keona and Kalen. Early this 2022, actresses who also gave birth included Angeline Quinto and WynWyn Marquez, who both had their first babies; Jennylyn Mercado, her second; Dimples Romana, her third; and Iya.

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