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Gender-neutral gift ideas this Christmas

by Izel Abanilla

DECEMBER is almost here and everyone is in blissful holiday spirits as Christmas comes near. Everything gets heartwarmingly festive at this time of year with the winds biting colder and vibrance all over. But what gives the best feeling about Christmas is, of course, giving gifts! Excited?  

Everyone deserves our love especially on Christmas. In family celebrations and Christmas parties all over, exchange gifts and “monito-monita” never get old. But if you don’t know who you’re giving your gift to, better be safe than sorry. 

Save time thinking for hours about what to give your “monito.” Here are some gender-neutral gift ideas that are safe and convenient for everyone. 

  1. Journal

You’ll never go wrong with a journal. It is useful for school, work and personal errands. 

What’s more, as they say, if you script your dreams, and write it as if it has already happened, guess what, it happens. So why not be an instrument for someone to start his/her manifestation journal. Your “monito” will surely thank you later. 

With your bonuses for the holidays, this can surely fit the budget. 

Start yours now too! 

  1. Thermal bottles

Another cool gender-neutral thing you’ll surely smile if anyone gives you is an authentic thermal bottles. Whether you’re a coffee person or a water monster, you’ll surely love a sturdy, insulated thermal bottle that keeps your refreshments hot and cold for days. 

  1. Cutlery set

A shiny, well-packaged set of cutleries will make anyone’s day, hands down. Whether for collection or dining function, new pieces of spoons, forks and knives just won’t disappoint. 

  1. Ball point pens

A ball point pen is always a must in every person’s life. A responsible professional person always has a trusty ballpoint pen handy in his bag or in his notes. Make you “monito” smile with a pen he/she will love. 

  1. Scented candles gift set

A relaxing set of soft-scented candles is heaven for anyone. After a long work day, everyone simply wants to lay on the bed with lights out. How about bringing the hotel and spa feels into your own bedroom by lighting up scented candles to cradle you off to sleep. Sounds perfect right? And so a beautiful candle set sure makes for the perfect gift for him or her. 

  1. Gift certificates

Your “monito” would surely give you a hug when you give gift certificates as a gift. GCs, as they are often termed, are useful especially during the holidays when people go crazy at malls and shop sales everywhere. Whether it’s for grocery, clothes, shoes, food, massage, it doesn’t matter. 

We all love gift certificates! 

Make you family, friends, loved ones and “monitos” happy this Christmas with a gift from you.  



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