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Gary V’s wife shares frustrations

by Athena Yap

ANGELLI Pangilinan-Valenciano could only show her frustration and exasperation watching her husband Gary Valenciano over exerting himself to a point of almost compromising his health.

“I always say Gary thinks he’s Superman and I just pray to God to take care of him always. I can only sigh and thank God that he is alive while many diabetics his age have not been as fortunate … and this always breaks my heart,” Pangilinan-Valenciano wrote in her Facebook account.

Pangilinan-Valenciano said her husband has been very busy the past few weeks, which could have been the reason he felt the stress and fatigue.

Mr. Pure Energy posted a cryptic tweet that sent his families, friends in the industry and his fans to near-panic. 

He wrote: “Lord…I’m going to need your miraculous touch to get me through tonight and the next few nights to come. Help me not lose the sense and spirit of Christmas in the middle of all@these challenges. Kindly help in keeping me healthy at all times Lord. In Your name Jesus I pray. Amen.”

Valenciano’s wife said her husband is ok.

“Sometimes Gary posts something innocently airing his private thoughts forgetting the uproar it could cause. Oh dear,” she said.

According to Pangilinan, the ‘90s OPM hitmaker came from seven City-USA Tour and Las Vegas ASAP concert before they were able to catch up as family.

When they got back to Manila, he went straight to watch the musical play “Joseph the Dreamer,” to “familiarize himself with the scenes.”

Valenciano, it turned out, will return to theater, playing “Jacob” again, after his successful stint last July.

“He agreed to do four showdates for two weekends but due to close to sold out shows he accommodated two more on the second weekend! Four shows in one weekend,” she said.

After resting for one day, the singer went back to do the same as he had agreed to appear in four show dates, and even accommodated two more due to sold out shows. 

She said she wanted to object because of her husband’s health, but she knows he loves the project. Still, it has affected his health, she noted. 

“Monday the next day he was totally hoarse. I was not surprised,” she said. 

Pangilinan, seemingly stressed over her husband who’s 58 years of age with many medical conditions couldn’t help to air her botheration.

Her husband still remained busy with more activities and shows and ended with a tired voice after all of these. 

Although Angeli said she can’t do anything but support her husband, she constantly reminds him to take care of his health. 

“I can only sigh and thank God that he is alive while many diabetics his age have not been as fortunate … and this always breaks my heart,” she said.

She noted that it was normal for a singer to get tired and weak and have throat issues, but her husband had also faced a lot of medical conditions. 

“My husband is a medical miracle. And I thank God all the time for keeping him alive,” she said. 

She explained her husband’s history of health problems. 

When Valenciano was 14, he was diagnosed with Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes. He also battled hepatitis and tuberculosis, and had two arthroscopic surgeries on his knees. He also had chicken pox during his recording of the “Shout for Joy” album in 1991.

In 2018, he had open heart surgery and was later diagnosed with kidney cancer, He then had a partial kidney nephrectomy to take out the malignant fist-sized mass. 

In 2021, he had dengue and in 2022, he got hit by COVID-19. 

She assured all those who sent her messages that they do not need to worry about him. 

She herself does worry sometimes, but she said crying and prayer makes things easier to handle. 

“Please don’t worry. So many have texted me and I have been unable to answer all of your messages.. my wonderful friends, family, fans and industry colleagues. He is ok,” she said. 

She also posted some videos of Gary attending events such as the Ayala Corp Management party held on December 9, followed by the Dizon Farms’ 60th Anniversary with his cardiologist Dr Enrique Posas and his wife Jeannie DiOn-P on December 14.

She said that despite everything they all went through, they would still always pray and trust in the Lord’s plans.



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