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Fun activities for family week 

by Deanna Macaranas

THE country is observing the 31st National Family Week, and Malacañang has urged Filipinos to celebrate this occasion.

We all know spending time with family provides a sense of belongingness, but doing the same activities with them over and over can become boring.

If you happen to be looking for new things to do with your loved ones, then you’re in luck. republicasia has a list of fun activities that your family can enjoy. 


When was the last time you and your family went on a trip to enjoy the outdoors? 

Remember those days when you pitched a tent and then started a campfire in the forest? Or perhaps you viewed the sunset or watched the sparkling night sky at the beach. 

Camping is one of the well-known ways to spend time with your family, and this activity can offer a lot of opportunities to learn and adapt new skills. It can also be a relaxing and fun way for the family to enjoy nature. 

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @dung_anh

Scavenger Hunt  

Do you or your family members happen to be thrill-seekers?   

Why not try a scavenger hunt? It is a unique way to spend time as a family and will make all of you put in some effort, from hiding and searching for clues and decoding puzzles until you find what you’re looking for. A little problem-solving can always add fun to everything.   

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @anniespratt 

House Cleaning   

You might think cleaning the house is never fun, but household chores only become unenjoyable when you’re doing these alone. 

Having to clean everything shouldn’t just be a one-person job; the entire family can participate in the task. 

One can be assigned to do the dishes, while another can be tasked to do the laundry. Tackling the work together will not only make chores feel easy, but can also help you learn and enhance life skills that may be useful later on.   

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @pillepriske

Screen old family videos  

Tired of movie marathons?   

If you and your family are sick of watching movies and series on your couch, or just can’t find something you’d like to see, why not look back on memories? 

You can always host a home screening of old family videos. 

Not only will this keep everyone entertained, it will also help everyone to remember all those fun days you spent together as a family. 

Courtesy: pexels.com / @ketut_subiyanto 

You can also now start recording moments of your present family activities. Who knows, your future grandkids might even watch these someday. 

Arts and Crafts 

If you happen to have young siblings, you know how imaginative kids can be. 

You can unleash your inner-child by bonding with them doing arts and crafts. From cutting shapes to making bracelets out of beads and elastic cords, let your creativity wander and make something from scraps. 

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @emily webster 

Or just play outside 

Weekdays for everyone are either filled with school or work, and we all know how busy people can be. 

This can stop us from spending time with family and make us wish we could go back to more carefree days. 

Remember when you would just play piko, patintero, and tumbang preso with your friends whenever you got home from school? 

You can recreate these moments with your loved ones. Invite parents to spend a few minutes having fun and reminiscing about the traditional Filipino games they used to play.  

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