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Flowers’ price increase, go-to designs for Gen Zs

by Bryan Gadingan

DAYS before Valentine’s Day, prices for various flowers are progressively rising, and they are expected to rise even more on the actual day. Shoppers looking to take advantage of decreased flower prices are already coming to Dangwa.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor | republicasia

In an interview with republicasia, JR Maceda, a flower vendor in Dangwa, said that flower prices had already increased and would continue to rise.

“Nagsimula na magtaas. Araw-araw naman yan, nag-iiba ang presyo,” the flower seller told republicasia.

Currently, a rose is priced at P100 per piece, as is a Sunflower. Tulips are priced slightly pricier than other flowers, at P120 per piece. 

Meanwhile, Carnation, which is not sold individually, has a running price that begins at P180 each bundle, depending on how large your bundle becomes. According to the vendor, a bundle is the same as a bouquet.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor | republicasia

The costs are certainly lower than expected, but this is because the prices have not yet risen, as they are predicted to do on Valentine’s Day.

“‘Yun lang ang hindi natin alam, kasi kung konti lang ang dating, ayun magtataas pa. Pero pag maramihan naman siguro, aabutin lang siguro ng P1,500 sa isang bundle ang roses halimbawa,” JR said.

The price rise will be determined by the supplies they get and the number of flowers a buyer gets. However, based on past experiences, it is likely that pricing is going to hit a ceiling once more.

Go-To Designs for Gen Zs

Dangwa offers a wide choice of floral arrangements based on individual preferences. According to another merchant, the dried designs are currently popular with Generation Z.

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Gadingan | republicasia

As per Rheno Arcibal, the seller and arranger at Shaped Blossom, dried flowers have become a popular design for Generation Zs due to the flower’s extended lifespan and existence. 

However, he said that it has been a trend since 2019, demonstrating Gen Zs’ fondness for throwbacks and reviving past trends. When questioned if this is a contemporary trend, he responded: “Matagal na rin nag-click yan, 2019 palang click na yan eh.” 

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Gadingan | republicasia

“Mga pang-wedding, pang-Valentine’s. Tumatagal kasi talaga, long lasting talaga siya, pwede mo rin siyang i-preserve rin. Umaabot talaga siya ng mga limang taon,” Rheno added.

“Depende siya, kagaya nung iba jan, imported ‘yan galing China. ‘Yung iba naman jan, local ‘yan, mga gawang Pinoy talaga,” answered the vendor/arranger when asked where they obtain their products.

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Gadingan | republicasia

The dried flower bouquet is breathtaking in person. According to the vendor/arranger, these flowers are constructed of dried leaves and palay that have been shaped and colored to resemble flowers. 

However, the arrangement resembles a real flower. Given the sophisticated look, the prices range from P1,500 to P3,500, depending on the design and whether or not you want lighting surrounding the flowers.

Meanwhile, in addition to the popular dried bouquet design, other current trends include crochet bouquets and, of course, the ever-dependable plain yet elegant-looking bouquets. 

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Gadingan | republicasia

The crochet-inspired bouquets are priced differently; the single flower crochet is sold for P350, while the larger crochet is roughly P700. The normal boquet sells for roughly P1,500.

The significance of flowers

February 14th is a day to show love and compassion to people who hold a particular place in our hearts. Despite the many symbolism linked with this day, flowers stand out as one of the most timeless and treasured.

The significance of flowers on Valentine’s Day extends beyond their aesthetic value, as they play an important function in transmitting feelings and developing interpersonal bonds.

Flowers have long been considered symbols of love, beauty, and passion. Each species of flower has a distinct meaning, allowing people to express various feelings through their bouquets. 

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor | republicasia

This practice has evolved into a cultural norm throughout time, with flowers forming an essential part of Valentine’s Day celebrations all across the world. 

The time-honored tradition of offering flowers has persevered, becoming a universal symbol of love and affection.

The sentiment behind a gesture is often more important than the materialistic parts. While flowers are a lovely and traditional way to express love on Valentine’s Day, the significance resides in the thought and work put into the manifestation of affection. 

If financial limits prevent you from purchasing flowers or other presents, there are various meaningful alternatives that can express your affection just as effectively.

Keep in mind that the core of Valentine’s Day is to show love and appreciation. If not more so than pricey gifts, it is the sentiment behind the gesture that is most important.



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