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Filipinos prefer money as gift for Valentine’s – SWS

by Bryan Gadingan

ACCORDING to a recent Social Weather Stations survey, Filipinos choose a present that fuses practicality and romance, with money emerging as the top option for Valentine’s Day wishes in this year’s poll.

On Sunday, SWS revealed the results of a poll done in December 2023 among 1,200 Filipino individuals of all sexes, stating that Filipinos are clearly moving toward a more practical choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor | republicasia

At the top of the study, 16 percent of Filipinos indicated they wanted to be more practical and receive cash as a Valentine’s Day present. Love and companionship are next at 11 percent, followed by flowers at 10 percent.

Other popular present wishes this heart’s day include apparel (nine percent), any gift “from the heart” (five percent), mobile phones (five percent), watch or jewelry (five percent) and good family relationship (five percent).

Some people wanted food and grocery items (three percent), chocolates (three percent), health of loved ones (three percent), motorcycle or other vehicles (two percent) and appliances (two percent).

Meanwhile, greetings, kiss, child, date or dinner, house, cake, stuffed toys, wedding, alcoholic drinks and perfume or cosmetics received one percent or less in the poll.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor | republicasia

Furthermore, SWS included an observation in the survey asking people how they felt about their present relationship status. 58 percent of survey respondents claimed they were “very happy” with their love life, while 23 percent thought “it could be happier.”

Some 19% stated that they have no love life. The survey stated that the number of Filipinos without a love life has increasingly climbed over time, with the earliest accessible data showing 10% in 2002.

The most recent SWS survey had 1,200 adult respondents with a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percent.



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