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Filipino netizens react to Britney Spears’ revelation

by RepublicAsia

POP superstar Britney Spears revealed in her just released memoir “The Woman in Me,” published by Gallery Books, that she was once pregnant while dating RNB singer and actor Justin Timberlake.

At the age of nineteen, she claimed to have had an abortion and penned that Justin Timberlake was not pleased at being a father at a very young age.

“Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy” Britney wrote in her memoir. 

It is a secret which she kept for 20 years, until the release of the book today.

In the book “The Woman in Me”, the former Pop Princess shared her painful experiences regarding her freedom and how her family controlled her through a conservatorship.

She discussed how being in the public eye has shaped the woman she has become.

Filipino fans react

Fans all over the world have been moved by the revelation particularly Filipino netizens

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Supporters thought the song “Everytime” from her fourth studio album alluded to singer’s abortion

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Abortion remains illegal in the Philippines, with a predominantly Catholic faith.

That is why followers have various opinions about the story.

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“That was really destructive as a fan, and as a son. My heart felt sad when I witnessed the news on Twitter.” Florian, a fan said.

 “Britney has undergone the worst journey one celebrity can travel, first, her issue with her father is intolerable, and now, this with Justin.” Retxel commented. 

“But abortion is a free will choice, and we should know how to take the consequence after all.” she added. 

“Britney and Justin chose fame over their child, no matter what the situation is, abortion is never an answer! They just killed an innocent kid, it brokes my heart.” A loving mother, April Joy, says

The Pop icon conveys that if it had been left up to her alone, she wouldn’t have done it.

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