Filipino ARMYs can watch Suga’s June concert on the big screen

by Joanna Deala

Can’t go to Japan to watch Suga’s concert next month? Don’t fret. 

Filipino ARMYs will have the opportunity to watch the June 3 concert of the BTS rapper on the big screen.  

SM Cinema announced on Thursday that it is one of the cinemas that will broadcast the SUGA | Agust D TOUR “D-DAY” in Japan concert on June 3. It will be live streamed from the Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa, Japan.

“The most anticipated world concert is here!” it said.

It was on May 15 when BTS’ rapper Suga, who also goes by the name of Agust D, said that his Japan concert will be available for live viewing in movie theaters across the globe “to reach more ARMY.”

“I’m so excited to have ARMY at my concert not only in the concert venues, but also at movie theaters all over the world,” the rapper and record producer said in a video posted on BANGTANTV’s YouTube channel.

“I’ll see you at a movie theater on the D-DAY of live viewing,” he added.

SM Cinema has yet to disclose details for the ticket sale and time slots for the live viewing of the concert.

The show is expected to run for 180 minutes, according to SM Cinema’s website.

Aside from the Philippines, the Japan concert will be available for live viewing in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and in some countries in North America and South America.


SUGA | Agust D TOUR “D-DAY” is the rapper’s first-ever solo world tour, which kicked off in Belmont Park in New York in April.

The Daechwita singer will proceed to Thailand, Singapore, and back to South Korea after his concert in Japan.

His world tour commenced after he dropped his debut studio album D-Day in April 2023 under his alter ego Agust D.

Agust D has two mixtapes, D-2 and Agust D, that he released in 2020 and 2016, respectively.



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