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Excitement builds up for SB19 x Sandara Park collab

by Joanna Deala

Recently updated on September 27, 2023 05:43 pm

WILL A’TINs and DARAlings soon get the collaboration they’ve been waiting for?

The excitement for the highly anticipated “special project” between P-pop kings SB19 and K-pop superstar Sandara Park has escalated to a new level after the two artists shared several photos of them together on Monday.

The former member of K-pop girl group 2NE1 shared on X two photos of her with members Pablo, Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin.

“Nice meeting you guys~!!!” Park wrote in her caption, along with the hashtag #SB19 and emojis of a Philippine flag and a light blue heart. 

Sky blue is the official color of SB19, which represents the members’ confidence and sincerity.

SB19’s main vocalist and The Voice Generations coach Stell replied to the K-pop idol’s post and said, “Ate Dara thank you po! Dabest ka forever!”

This is the first time that the two phenomenons met in person, which made Stell feel over the moon.

“Yung ikaw may hawak ng phone ni ate [Sandara] para sa selfie namin. Huhuhu kabado pero happy! Grabe yun!!!!” he posted on X.

The P-pop powerhouse, meanwhile, also shared a photo of them together with the South Korean star.

“It was nice meeting you Ate [Sandara]! Handa na ba ang A’TIN and Daralings?” SB19 teased the fans.

The 38-year-old Korean singer, whose popularity in the Philippines continues to soar, announced in August that she would collaborate with SB19 for a special project in December. 

‘Great collaboration’

There are no new updates yet about the joint project, but fans could no longer hide their excitement for it.

A’TIN Neriffie Villanueva, 20, believes that this will be a “great collaboration” between the P-pop and K-pop superstars.

“I am looking forward to a great collaboration, great performance of everyone included in the project, and a phenomenal influence to those [who are] still not believing what SB19 can do,” Villanueva told republicasia.

Villanueva also did not miss the chance to express how proud she is of the quintet, and said that the forthcoming project with Park would be “another remarkable step” for the group.

“As a Pinoy, Sandara Park [presents] such a wholesome image to us, not only because she is a Korean, but [because] she is a big asset of the Philippine [entertainment] industry, and I think they’ll create a huge impact on everyone’s heart,” she said.

Since the collaboration will happen in December, 21-year-old college student Phoenix Xyrylle Rodriguez expects that the song will be related to Christmas. 

“I look forward, probably, to a Christmas song like ‘Ligaya,’ that I’m sure my Co-A’TIN will enjoy,” she shared.

Ligaya is a Christmas bop that SB19 dropped in December 2021, where the members talked about the importance of having peace with everyone.

Rodriguez also hopes that SB19 will collaborate with Park in their variety show series called Show Break, where the members do various fun activities like going on a mission and taking on different challenges.

She said it would be fun if the two artists would have their own Show Break episode since both are “bubbly” and energetic.

Bianca Bonifacio, a 29-year-old teacher and spoken word artist,  is also thrilled for SB19 since the December project would be a “dream collaboration” not only for the artists but for fans as well.

“I’ve been listening to their music and I can say that Ate Dara’s voice and SB19 harmonies make a wonderful pairings,” she said.

Bonifacio hopes that fans will get to see a live performance of the collaboration.

18-year-old student Rea Mercolita, who is also the administrator of the fan page  SB19ismylife, said she expects that there would be a music video and behind-the-scenes footage of the special project between her two favorite artists.

Dara in Manila

Park, also known as Dara, recently flew to the country to join her labelmate and GOT7 member BamBam in his first world tour titled Area 52. 

Park appeared at the concert as a guest artist, and she performed her new single Festival and 2NE1’s hit song I Am the Best.

She and BamBam also shared the stage to dance to SB19’s hit GENTO.

Park was supposed to perform at the music festival AWAKE: A New Beginning in Cebu City with other K-pop acts and Korean dance crews, but the show was postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable weather condition.”

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