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Enhypen to release webtoon prequel “Children of Vamfield”

by RepublicAsia

WE all know Enhypen is one of the top K-pop boy groups with so many upcoming projects today. On top of their live events, new music, brand collaborations and variety shows, the group will also release a second installment to their webtoon (webcomic), “Dark Moon,” this weekend. 

On March 4, the “Dark Moon” social media channels posted a new video. Fans were confused since it had been five months since the last episode of the first installment, but they were excited as the latest chapter was about to begin.

The video opens to a greeting with the familiar intro of Enhypen’s “Given-Taken” and a dark-green background. Then, slowly, the words started to form, “Children of Vamfield,” followed by a date: March 17, 2024.

The fans realized that this was it. It was the second installment of their series.

On top of their live events, new music, brand collaborations and variety shows, the group will also release a second installment to their webtoon (webcomic), “Dark Moon,” this weekend. 

However, they were unsure. Was it a follow-up of the events of “The Blood Altar,” which ended on a high note but kept the door open, or  was it a prequel to the hellish time the seven boys kept referring to? However, recent posts on the official X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram accounts confirm that it was the prequel. 

“The Blood Altar”

Photo Courtesy: darkmoon_hybe | Instagram

Before getting into the “Children of Vamfield,” we must explore “The Blood Altar,” the first installment. “The Blood Altar” is the story of seven high school students: Heli (Heeseung), Jaan (Jay), Jino (Jake), Solon (Sunghoon), Shion (Sunoo), Jakah (Jungwon), and Noa (Ni-ki) who cross paths with a mysterious girl named Sooha.

The boys feel drawn to her and desire to protect her. This causes them to become closer to her, but they cannot completely do so due to their secret as vampires. Yet, fate keeps bringing them together as they defeat an enemy from the past they had all forgotten.

This story can also be seen in Enhypen’s music videos, especially “Drunk-Dazed,” which takes inspiration from episode 16, “After the Party,” where the boys celebrate their birthday with a big party. The music video also features cameos from &TEAM members K and EJ, who appear in the webtoon as their werewolf characters Khan and Enzy (see A guide to stanning K-pop/J-pop group &TEAM article to know more about them). Another music video inspired by this installment is “Tamed-Dashed,” centered around their primary sport, “Nightball,” which was introduced on the webtoon. 

This part introduces the seven boys who are the children of Vamfield. They introduce us to their powers and their relationship with each other. It explains to us their origins in their past and current lives. Still, many questions, such as their time in Vamfield, need to be answered. 


Photo Courtesy: DARKMOON_HYBE | X (Formerly Twitter) 

What happened in Vamfield? Before answering that question, we should first know what Vamfield is.

Vamfield is the orphanage where the young vampires grew up in isolation for their safety. According to teaser photos, it is a mansion in the forest but no one knows who lives there. 

Other posts have captions revealing that it used to be a happy place for the boys, but that drastically changed in “The Blood Altar,” where the boys refer to their time there as hellish. This brings us back to the question: what happened in Vamfield? 

Some teasers show us that the principal of the place, Marge, was not always honest with them, that she was hiding something. Other photos show their fear and defiance of the principal. But they still did not give the whole story, making fans more curious about the boys’ time in Vamfield.

The aesthetic of Vamfield can be seen in Enhypen’s first music video, “Given-Taken,” which shows us the place and their outfits in those days. The dull grey colors also show us the dark experiences the boys have faced. This song is also used in the teaser videos, showing the connection between the two works. The latest teaser, released on March 13, shows the boys in stills from the video before cutting to a webtoon version of the still.  

Fans have eagerly been waiting for a second installment since the original story’s ending, and now they can fully enjoy it knowing their new setting and who the children of Vamfield are.

You can catch “Children of Vamfield” this weekend on Webtoon and every Sunday after that. 

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