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ENHYPEN releases Dark Moon Special Album ‘Memorabilia’

by RepublicAsia

K-POP boy group ENHYPEN released their dark moon special album “Memorabilia” on May 13.

“Memorabilia” marked the very first physical album based on HYBE’s original story.

The group collaboration with the “Dark Moon” series, a webtoon featuring characters inspired by them, accumulated more than 180 million views globally, reaffirming their position as innovators laying the groundwork for the next form of entertainment.

The songs “fateful love” and “existential crisis as vampires” explored the themes that resonated both ENHYPEN and the “Dark Moon” series which included in the six-track album.

Additionally, “Memorabilia” enhanced listeners’ engagement with the series by bringing the original story to life through physical elements that represented the characters and the plot.

“Fatal Trouble,” which is the main track of the album, is a rock/ballad song that portrays the chaos surrounding a once-loved relationship that is disrupted by Selen’s unannounced arrival. Selen looks a lot like Sooha, the main female protagonist. 

ENHYPEN’s melancholic melody and forceful vocal harmonies build the track to a crescendo that raises an emotional eruption.

Along with the main track, the album also featured previously released tracks, “One In A Billion” (2022) and “Criminal Love” (2023), that captured the essence of the “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” narrative.

“Scream,” the newly added track, embodied the boys’ aspirations to push forward in spite of the numerous challenges they encountered when negotiating the lines separating humans and vampires.

“Memorabilia” presented ENHYPEN’s initial unit tracks. The song “Lucifer,” which featured Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon, portrayed the vampire boys’ suffering, while “Teeth,” which featured Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki, portrayed the boys’ conflicted feelings about their vampire strength and emptiness.

“Memorabilia” could serve as the musical interpretation of ENHYPEN’s story and the “Dark Moon” series. According to ENHYPEN, “the genre-spanning tracks on the album masterfully depict the various emotions and stories from the webtoon, adding depth and significance to the relationship between ENHYPEN and the seven vampire boys.”

Earlier this month, ENHYPEN had finished “Fate Plus,” the US leg of their world tour enchanting ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans) in five cities. They are currently preparing for the Japanese leg of the tour in June, where they will play as the headliners in 11 shows in five cities.

With reports from Jhovie Berasis


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