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Emotions Burst As Bar 2022 Closes

by Athena Yap

THE last day of the bar brought mixed emotions for the  examinees and their families, friends and other supporters on Sunday (November 20) as they exited San Beda University, one of the testing centers.

The exam ended at 5pm but as early as 3 in the afternoon, crowds began to form along the area of Recto and Mendiola to wait for the baristas to finish the last hustle.

Compared to the previous interviews during the mid-week of bar exams, a lot were still nervous but now a sigh of relief was seen on the faces of the bar examinees.

As the bar takers were marching out, their supporters were rallying outside.

There were more crowds as the bar exam week closes. Perhaps more props cheering up their family or friends who took  the exam.

Amazingly, some even brought a standee of the KPop idol of the barista they were supporting.

Holding the standee of Jae Hyun of NCT Kpop group, Carlo Villablanca  said that it was his sisters’ jam while reviewing for the exam.

On the other hand, Carol Alonzo, one of the bar takers, also had the Kpop rapper G-Dragon as one of her inspirations to survive the exam.

“Ang daming times na down ka bigla, so kailangan mo ng pampa-boost, kailangan mo ng pampa-relax,” Alonzo said.

The last day closed the exam with Remedial Law I and Remedial Law II (with basic tax remedies) and Legal Ethics.

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