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Ely Buendia learns ‘real lessons’ after Eheads concert 

by Izel Abanilla

DAYS after the mega successful reunion concert of iconic ‘90s alternative rock band Eraserheads, it seems as if the fans aren’t the only ones having that inexplicable nostalgia feels, but even so the band itself. 

The “Huling El Bimbo” concert last December 22 was arguably one of, if not, the biggest concert of the year. The concert drew an overwhelming 75,000-strong crowd, a feat usually achieved mostly and only by international performers in the Philippines.

What’s even more strange is how the band managed to keep their kingly stature in the hearts of their loyal fans even two decades after their disbandment. 

The concert was indeed so full of feelings that even Eraserheads frontman himself, the ever reserved Ely Buendia, who time and again had downplayed the possibility for a reunion, did not hold back in voicing out his sentiments over the phenomenal OPM event. 

“After graduation, the real lessons begin,” he said in an Instagram post. 

“Tough ones. Happy ones. Baffling ones. The best thing you can hope for is to somehow be able to grasp them in a short amount of time,” he added. 

It was no secret to the public that the strained relationship of original members Buendia, Raimund Marasigan (drums), Buddy Zabala (bass guitar) and Marcus Adoro (lead guitar) marked the end of the 13-year supremacy of the ‘Heads. 

Buendia once broke hearts when he disclosed that they were never close friends which only added to the strain in the group. 

More than a decade since their last concert, and two decades after their disbandment, many were left wondering what the four were like in the months leading to the curtain call. 

“The band and the whole team behind this show are still trying to grasp the last three months leading up to the finals. Sometimes it feels like there are more questions than answers. But fear not, there isn’t doubt,” he said. 

But taking it from Buendia, it seems like the four have already grown past their misgivings and, through the years, have all healed. 

“This is a certainty,” he said.

“As for me, I now see that sometimes, healing can only begin within oneself. You have to really want it, and most of the time, be willing to work for it. Sometimes you have to be willing to risk everything. And if you are, who knows? Maybe you might get lucky and you can leave this place a little better when you find it.”

Buendia’s post was met with countless reactions from people who had begged the band to officially reunite and make music once again as Eraserheads. 

But it looks like with the impact and hunger for more that “HUling El Bimbo” left the fans, the last curtain call might not at all be the last. 

And the Eheads might just be succeeding to the fans this time as Buendia himself teased of a world tour in 2023. 

The Eheads concert turned out not just a concert but a nostalgia feast of a past generation. 

Bands that followed paid tribute to the precursor of OPM domination in the ‘90s and every soul who watched recourse back to their his trusty old school jams. 

For a night, almost the entire nation celebrated a bygone era through the music of the Eraserheads. 

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Photo credit: Eraserheads via DVent Productions



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