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Edu Manzano dismayed over P4,000 demand for traffic violation

by Joanna Deala

ACTOR-HOST Edu Manzano expressed his dismay over his encounter with a traffic enforcer who allegedly tried to extort P4,000 from his driver for “making an illegal U-turn.”

On X (formerly Twitter), Manzano shared that his driver was pulled over by a motorcycle cop on Roxas Boulevard and was told about his supposed traffic violation.

While acknowledging his driver’s mistake, Manzano was surprised when the enforcer allegedly demanded P4,000 from his driver, without knowing that Manzano was seated in the back of the car.

The actor-host could not just sit back upon hearing their exchange and “confronted” the motorcycle cop. He shared how the enforcer went from telling his driver to attend a seminar until he asked him to pay P4,000.

“He started with a seminar, then P2,000, then P4,000. All the while I was in the back listening while he threatened my driver. I did not mince words,” said Manzano.

In a response to a netizen, Manzano said that the enforcer suddenly became friendly toward them when he saw the actor.

“His words … Boss Edu! Gusto pa mag-fist bump. Kambyo bigla. Lalo ako pumitik! I should’ve let it go. I didn’t,” he said.

Manzano also told another netizen that he was able to get the name of the traffic enforcer and record their conversation.

He also said that they did not yield to the enforcer’s demand.

Similar incidents

Unfortunately, Manzano’s driver was not the only motorist who had such an encounter with traffic enforcers. Several netizens replied to Manzano’s post and shared their similar experiences of dealing with “corrupt” enforcers.

Several netizens also noticed how some traffic enforcers would supposedly wait and catch motorists at intersections with defective traffic lights.

One social media user shared how an enforcer insisted on escorting them to an automated teller machine (ATM) instead of issuing a violation ticket.

Another netizen also shared that they were asked to pay P2,000 or they would get a ticket for beating the red light. They said that the enforcer was “shocked” when they insisted on getting a violation ticket instead of paying the demanded prize.

In March 2024, a traffic enforcer was immediately relieved from his duties for supposedly demanding P15,000 from a motorist who allegedly committed multiple traffic violations, including using a cell phone, not wearing a seatbelt while driving, and having an expired vehicle registration.

The motorist tried to negotiate the price with the enforcer, until he transferred P2,400 to the enforcer through a mobile wallet app. The motorist was able to get his money back after he posted his experience on social media.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said it reached out to the motorist to push through with his complaint.

Motorists who have dealt with illegal activities of traffic enforcers are encouraged to file a report through the MMDA’s social media platforms and hotline 136.



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