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Long weekend ahead; Dec. 26 a non-working day 

by Leila Salaverria

IT looks like many Christmas celebrations will get extended.

A long weekend is up ahead for many workers, as President Marcos declared December 26 a non-working day.

In Proclamation 115, the President said the additional non-working day would allow Filipinos to spend more time with loved ones.

“The declaration of 26 December 2022, Monday, as an additional special (non-working) day throughout the country will give the people the full opportunity to celebrate the holiday with their families and loved ones,” he said in the resolution.

He also directed the Department of Labor and Employment to issue the appropriate circular to implement the proclamation for the private sector.

December 25, Christmas Day, is a regular holiday. December 24 is a special working day.

Earlier, the President declared January 2, 2023, the day after New Year’s Day, an additional special (non-working) day throughout the country. 

This was in consideration of the Filipino tradition of visiting relatives and spending time with their families during this occasion. 

December 30, Rizal Day, and January 1, New Year’s Day, are regular holidays. But December 31, the last day of the year, is a special working day. 

The DOLE’s pay rules for special non-working days state that the “no work, no pay” principle will apply, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement granting payment on a special day.

Many Filipinos are expected to travel to the provinces during the weekend to celebrate the holidays with families and loved ones.

Authorities have beefed up security in the country’s ports and transport terminals to ensure the safety and security of travelers. 

The Land Transportation Office has been inspecting transport terminals and checking the road worthiness of motor vehicles to help ensure the safety, security, and convenience of passengers, drivers, and all users of the country’s roads. 

Courtesy: PNA



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