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Daughter hits La Aunor over ‘tinapa’ business

by Athena Yap

“HONOR thy father and mother. How?”

It seems that there is a raging battle between Matet de Leon and her adoptive mother Nora Aunor when de Leon aired her complaint online about her mom allegedly competing with her gourmet business last Sunday (December 4).

The younger actress said she felt betrayed after figuring out that her mother ventured into the exact same business while fully aware that her daughter is also selling gourmet food.

“How can I do that now?” she said.

“Ay, ampon pala ako.”


The veteran actress Nora Aunor and actor Christopher de Leon are the adoptive parents of Matet.

Matet realized that she was only adopted by the seasoned actress, which made her assume why her mother would “compete” with her.

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