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Dahyun of TWICE, Jinyoung, to star in Korean remake of “You Are The Apple of My Eye”

by Gaby Agbulos

GET ready to hit the theaters, Once (fandom of TWICE), because Dahyun’s starring as the female lead in a Korean remake of the Taiwanese film, “You Are The Apple of My Eye.”

She will be joined by Jinyoung, who’s been in several series such as “Sweet Home” 2 and 3, “Love in the Moonlight,” and “Police University.” He’s also starred in films such as “Miss Granny” and “The Dude in Me.”

Jinyoung is a former member and leader of the boy group B1A4. His career started in 2012 with the MBC drama, “The Thousandth Man.”

This film isn’t Dahyun’s first rodeo. Though she’s most known as a member of the beloved girl group TWICE, she has also made a name for herself in television and film, starring in shows like “Bloody Innocent,” “Drama Special,” and “Roebisute.”

She is also set to star in the independent feature film, “Sprint,” where she’ll be playing the role of an athlete, alongside Ha Seok-jin and Lee Sin-young.

Some netizens have since showed concern over whether the two will have chemistry, and if Dahyun will be able to take on such a big role. However, many people seem confident that she’ll be able to overcome naysayers given her acting prowess thus far.

About the film

The original film directed by Giddens Ko is a coming-of-age romance that follows the story of Ko Ching-teng, a mischievous student, and Shen Chia-yi, an overachieving honor student.

Despite being a rather unlikely pair, the two eventually form a close bond, helping each other grow in ways they don’t even notice.

In the Korean version of the film, Dahyun will be playing Seon-a, an honor student, while Jinyoung will be playing Jin-woo. The film is expected to present a fresh take and portray the innocence of puppy love – as well as the struggles that follow.



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