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Celebrity mental health advocates

by Izel Abanilla

MENTAL health is a serious matter that must not be downplayed and should be considered as important as physical health. If left untreated, mental health issues can cause a lot of damage. 

Mental Health illnesses cause disturbances in someone’s thinking, mood, energy or emotion, These could make it difficult for them to cope with life’s demands. According to studies, causes of mental health disorders could be genetics, brain chemistry, brain structure, trauma, and another medical condition, among others. 

Because mental health issues don’t always come with physical manifestations, these are often disregarded and can sometimes be seen as a joke.  

But through the years, several personalities have used their voices to challenge misconceptions and amplify the importance of mental health awareness. 

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who are also prominent advocates of mental health. 

  1. Pia Wurtzbach 

Image via @piawurtzbach Instagram

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach herself has admitted to having been diagnosed with mental health issues. In the middle of her fight for the country’s third Miss Universe crown, she was dealing with depression and anxiety. 

Now a staunch mental health advocate, she continuously reminds people that “it’s okay to be down sometimes,” and encourages everyone to talk about their problems. 

  1. Nadine Lustre 

Image via @nadine Instagram

Nadine Lustre herself had struggled with her mental health. It started when she joined the pressure-filled showbiz industry at a very young age. 

In an interview, Lustre said her mental issues first surfaced when she was 14 or 15, manifesting in panic attacks and anxiety. 

Just like most people, she had no idea what she was going through at that time and had no one with whom to share her problems. She thought she was just acting up or being emotional. 

She was also challenged by the death of her brother. 

Later, she realized that what she had were legitimate mental health issues. She started speaking up about mental health and made it her advocacy.

Proving her sincerity in promoting massive mental health awareness, she and good friend Yassi Pressman became the celebrity investors of “Mind You,” an online platform which aims to “provide accessible and affordable mental health support” for communities and individuals anytime and anywhere in the Philippines. 

  1. Isabelle Daza 

Image via @isabelledaza Instagram

Actress and socialite Isabelle Daza came out in the open to say that a mental illness isn’t something to be ashamed about. 

During the #LetsTalkLetsListen forum, Daza dropped truth bombs when she openly talked about the dangers of being at the forefront of social media and how these affected her mental health. 

  1. Maine Mendoza 

Image via @mainedcm Instagram

Break-out star Maine Mendoza is a staunch advocate of caring for one’s mental health. 

She always takes a strong stand on the issue, which was evident in one episode of the “All for Juan, Juan for All” segment of long-running noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” During the show, she politely corrected veteran comedian Joey de Leon when he denied the reality of depression. 

  1. Kylie Verzosa 

Image via @kylieverzosa Instagram

Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa spoke candidly about having been clinically diagnosed with depression when she was 21. She was able to get through it through psychotherapy, meditation, and yoga. 

  1. Ylona Garcia 

Image via @ylonagarcia Instagram

Singer Ylona Garcia had once been on the receiving end of online bullying, and social media became her outlet to share what bashing had done to her mental health. Since then, she has urged her followers to look after their own mental health. 

  1. Kiana Valenciano 

Image via @kianavee Instagram

Singer Kiana Valenciano had once opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Since then, she has been encouraging people to not hesitate to ask for help. 

  1. JM de Guzman 

Image via @1migueldeguzman Instagram 

Actor JM de Guzman is someone who has always been open about his mental disorders. 

It got to the point when he had to submit himself for rehabilitation in 2013. Two years later, he made a showbiz comeback via the 2015 smash hit “That Thing Called Tadhana.” 

But this was followed by battles with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, which put him back in rehab that lasted for three years. 

He has since advised people living with the same conditions that #ToBeAwareIsToBeAlive.

  1. Heart Evangelista 

Image via @iamhearte Instagram

Yes, expensive bags, international runways, designer clothes, and a ton of money did not prevent fashion icon Heart Evangelista from struggling with mental health issues. 

In 2020, Heart opened up about her depression that started when she lost her unborn twins in 2018. She managed to fight it, but her depression recurred in 2019 and manifested on her body. 

She revealed that it was mainly because of the harsh feedback she has been receiving from people on social media. 

She went to seven doctors who told her that her case can be due to extreme anxiety. She then went on to tell people to not be afraid to seek help. 

  1. Paulo Avelino 

Image via @pauavelino Instagram

Kapamilya actor Paolo Avelino received an outpouring of support when he opened up about his struggles with depression. Back in 2019, he revealed that his case got to the point where he hurt himself, thinking it was his “only way out.” 

He decided to be open about his condition knowing full well he could inspire others to do the same. 

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