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CCG fires water cannons at BFAR vessel; AFP verifying report

by Kiko Cueto

THE Chinese Coast Guard reportedly fired a water cannon at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources reportedly headed for Scarborough Shoal.

According to a radio report from DZBB, the said BFAR vessels were enroute to the said location as part of a mission to distribute oil and other supplies for the fisherfolk in the area.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is still verifying the report.

Reports said that as of 12 noon, the water bombardment is continuously being done. It started at 9 a.m. and is still ongoing as of 12 noon. 

The radio report said that the Chinese Coast Guard earlier held back from firing, but later proceeded to use the water cannon at the Philippine vessel.

It also said that the Chinese Coast Guard boats were said to be backed by Chinese militia vessels, who approached the  Philippine boat.

This marks the first time that a Chinese Coast Guard used water cannons at a BFAR vessel.

Previously, BFAR officials said that the CCG just “shadowed” them during resupply missions. 



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