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BPI solves ‘debit’ glitch

by Joyce Remo

THE Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) announced on January 4 that it has successfully reverted the duplicate transactions reported by account holders early Wednesday morning.

In a Twitter post, BPI informed its clients that they recently transcended the glitch reported by customers via social media.

While the “0431 Debit Memo” has been resolved, the bank reminded its clients that they may encounter intermittent access to BPI’s website and mobile applications due to “high volume of inquiries on our online banking channels.”

Earlier today, many BPI account holders went to social media to share their complaints regarding the huge amount of funds slashed from their savings following the transactions they made during the holiday.

Many netizens, particularly in Twitter, expressed their dismay regarding the said issue and worried over the thousands of money they lost during the BPI transaction glitch.

They shared screenshots of their transaction histories, noting that a certain “0431 Debit Memo”  has deducted money from their savings account, ranging from P 200 to P 60,000.

During the glitch, BPI reported that transactions from both withdrawals and deposits were duplicated.

In a press release, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ordered the local bank to submit a timeline and update regarding the incident.

However, BPI is yet to release the origin and explanation of the erroneous transactions. 

Banner courtesy: BPI



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