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Blessed badge?  Elon OKs ‘Jesus’, ‘Satan,’ Twitter accounts

by Jericho Zafra

BLESSED are those who create Twitter accounts for Jesus, for they are being verified by Elon.

Many began deriding Twitter’s chief executive officer Elon Musk after he verified fake accounts disguised as Jesus Christ and Satan.

“Jesus seems to have genuinely come back down on earth seeing as Twitter has verified him already,” Journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh said in a tweet.

The social media platform also verified Satan, which has become a hot topic in the Twitter community now that the latter has been verified after Jesus.

“After all the years of get [ting] s8n verified, it took Elon Musk buying Twitter to make it happen,” tweeted the Satan imposter account.

Who will now pay for the subscription of Jesus and Satan to maintain their verified badges?

This was a question that has become a source of entertainment among its microblogging users.

The CEO’s move to capitalize on the platform has sparked debate among its users about whether it is still worthy to become verified in the platform.

Musk said on November 1 that Twitter will begin charging users $8 per month for a Twitter Blue membership in order to obtain or maintain verified status and their blue check badges. 

In addition, Twitter would soon take away blue badges from users who already had them and did not wish to pay to maintain their verification status.

Following the launch of the new subscription, the social media site has seen an increase in bogus accounts imitating celebrities with verified blue ticks.

Twitter has currently paused the paid verification service after getting flak from its online users.

Basketball superstar and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, former United States President George W. Bush, and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair were among the impersonated accounts verified on Twitter.



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