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BigHit Music announces BTS’ Jin military discharge  

by Deanna Macaranas

BIGHIT Music officially announced BTS’ Jin military’s discharge on Weverse last Tuesday. 

In the statement, the agency stated that the discharge day is reserved for military personnel only. BTS’ Jin is the first member of the boy group to be enlisted in the South Korean military where he entered on December 22. 

On his 31st birthday last December 4, 2023—Jin wrote a message to his fan on Weverse, giving an update regarding his military service. 

“Hello, I’m Jin. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday,” Jin wrote. 

With his message being translated from Korean to English, he told his fans how he always enjoyed celebrating his birthday with the BTS Army. But due to his military service, he wasn’t able to enjoy his birthday that year. 

“It’s already been a year since I joined the military,” he continued. “There’s still a lot of time left, but I’m already excited to be with you if I spend only a third of the total time. Oh, and our members are going to join the army. LOL. LOL. I’m going to cry. I hope that time passes quickly and I can have a good time with the members and the Army.”

On Tuesday, BigHit Music formally announced Jin’s discharge from the military on a Weverse statement. 

“No special events are planned on the day of Jin’s discharge. To prevent any issues arising from overcrowding, fans are strongly advised to refrain from visiting the site. Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts.” The agency wrote. 

The BTS popstar is set to end his service on Wednesday, June 12. 

“We are always grateful for your unwavering love and support for Jin. Our company will continue to put our utmost effort into supporting our artists.” The agency added. “Thank you once again for your continued love and support for BTS.”

While the group is currently active in the service–fulfilling their military duties, the group is set to reunite in 2025. 

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